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What is the most important thing to remember about Martin Luther King Jr.?

Asked at Walgreens, 3421 W. Sixth St. on January 17, 2005

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Photo of Lynda Thomas

“Probably his speech, because that is the most moving thing that I remember about him.”

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“He was fair to everyone. He didn’t put anyone down in order to have his message heard, and I think that is just incredible.”

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“I think his striving for equality and justice.”

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“The advancements he made with civil rights for what at the time was the African-American movement, but have branched out over time. Groups today who feel that civil rights are being set back should look to his teachings.”


BunE 13 years, 3 months ago

The most important thing? There are so many, but when I think of the man, I think of reaching for justice through action.

We all could take a lesson from him. Speak out, tell your story, shine a light and most of all don't just talk about it. Create a plan and act on it.

jonas 13 years, 3 months ago

His house was firebombed once, burned to the ground. His neighbors, friends and parishioners were livid, demanding vengeance, but he told them that violence to pay back violence accomplishes nothing.

mr_daniels 13 years, 3 months ago

As long as those affected by the civil rights movement continue to aspire to Socialism/liberalism and big government making everything all right; then the teachings from Dr. Martin Luther King have no meaning! The U.S. Constitution and the 10 Bill of Rights already have you covered!

BunE 13 years, 3 months ago

There you go again. Oh well. If the the Constitution and the Bill of rights worked so well, why did we have segregation and Jim Crow Laws? Oh wait, did you mean to say that the structure of our government, based on the Constitution (really, you need not call out the Bill of Rights, there are a number of other Amendments too-it is the Constitution) allows us to enact legislation that sees to it that the Constitution is enforced? It also lets us modify the document. Yes folks, there is a bit of learning, each and every day.

Unfortunately some people would rather call people names than take action. Liberal does not equal Socialist any more than Conservative equals Fascist.

Who'll take the bait?

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