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Will the number of heart attack admissions at Lawrence Memorial Hospital go down because of the smoking ban?

Asked at Hastings, 1900 W. 23rd St. on April 16, 2005

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Photo of Randy Schumacher

“Probably not. There are a lot of factors that go into people having heart attacks.”

Photo of Tracie Amend

“I think it will. Just because people don’t have to be around the smoke in an enclosed area.”

Photo of Andy Garcia

“Yeah, I would have to think so. There is definitely a correlation, and I know people who smoke less now because of the ban.”

Photo of Carol Moore

“No I don’t. I think overweight people are definitely in more danger than people who are around a lot of smoke. Cigarettes don’t help, but I don’t think that is what’s causing them to have heart attacks.”


Fangorn 13 years, 2 months ago

I'm first this morning?! Oh, wait. It's Saturday. Normal people get to sleep a bit more on the weekend.

I think the fourth "street" person is correct. Weight and diet have more impact on a person's heart health than smoking. And in any case, most who smoke will continue to do so at home. I doubt we will see any statistically significant decrease.

Richard Heckler 13 years, 2 months ago

Smoking,exercise,stress,weight and eating habits impact the heart. Smoking can still kill even if all other factors are very good.

The question can only be answered how would anybody know?

ms_canada 13 years, 2 months ago

congrats to you this morning, fangorn. How to answer this question, hmmmmmmm. Only time will tell. Why are human beings so stupid? Rhetorical question. We, here in Alberta, are slowly getting smarter and banning smoke more and more. Merrill said it very well. So many factors affect one's health. But there are too many things in our lives that pull us away from good habits such as eating healthy food, exercising, getting enough sleep, trying to live without too much stress. A smoking ban is just one step toward a healthier population and perhaps in time the admissions to any hospital will decrease. Inshallah!

Kyle Rohde 13 years, 2 months ago

Nope, you usually have to order a $15 "smoker's package."

lunacydetector 13 years, 2 months ago

lawrence memorial is the LAST place to go for a heart attack, but seriously........

i wonder if the heart attacks will actually go up.

smokers are puffing faster to get that nicotine hit when they go outside. they also get in a habit of sucking down the cig quicker than they used too. it makes them smoke more because they don't get the pleasure of slowly taking a drag. cigarette smoking becomes more hurried. this is a similar effect to people who start smoking lighter cigarettes then switch back to harder cigarettes.

Actually, since lawrence memorial is owned by the city, and since lawrence memorial just opened their "cardiac" unit, and, since lawrence memorial has tremendous powers when it comes to getting their way........IF the smoking ban actually decreases heart attacks, i'd watch for a sudden push by the City to compromise and allow smoking in certain places or at certain times in certain places. the city wouldn't want business to drop at the only business they own that actually makes money, would they?

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