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How many times do you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock?

Asked at Borders, 700 N.H. on April 13, 2005

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Photo of Geri Wurth

“Zero. I don’t use the snooze button. I always get up the first time because I’m a school bus driver and a student.”

Photo of Wes Loreg

“Usually only once, and then I just (lie) there until I decide it’s time to get up.”

Photo of Chris Riels

“I don’t think I have ever used the snooze button in my life. I just never got into the habit.”

Photo of John Connor

“I used to be a pretty hard-core snooze button addict, but now I use my cell phone. It’s a little harder to keep resetting it.”


ms_canada 12 years, 11 months ago

AWAKE! for morning in the bowl of night

Has flung the stone that puts the stars to flight:

And lo! the Hunter of the East has caught

The Tower in his noose of Light.

With a glorious new day dawning who can resist the urge to be up and at it. No snooze bar for me.

lunacydetector 12 years, 11 months ago

i never hit the snooze but i'd like to talk about our city government. congratulations mr. mayor, boog highberger. very impressive and hope to see you greet all the fortune 500 call center companies beating down lawrence's door. economic development = call center snicker

i'd sure like to see the south lawrence trafficway built north of the wakarusa river like the u.s. army corp of engineers recommends. i also agree with the corps that a road south of the wakarusa will create sprawl. this thing has been held up in court for years by a few misinformed individuals with hungry attorneys.

the will of the people in the majority who voted for my trafficway needs to be heard. that is real healing. lawyers like to drag things out so they get that steady and expensive paycheck. i wonder how much money has been made by lawyers on both sides. i wonder how many tax dollars has been lost because of lawsuits. i bet it has cost more than the wal-mart fiasco.

lawrence is co-dependent. we have rewarded the fringe of lawrence, who have been the thorn in the side of progress by giving them public office, the ones who have held the road to nowhere up in court for 20 some years.

another reason why lawrence is brandished an embarrasment by all other kansans.

i feel better. have a great day.

Fangorn 12 years, 11 months ago

I don't use the snooze button. My radio comes on first to drag me kicking and screaming (drowsily, of course) back to consciousness. A short while later, the buzzer goes off to tell me it's really time to get up. (I can't stand doing it all at once.)

ms_canada: congratulations! You got the first post in today.

neopolss 12 years, 11 months ago

consumer1, I ask you to please read a full history of the wetlands. It's not just about wildlife as it is also a history of improper procedure. The history of the wetlands extends beyond any of our lives, cornfield or not, there's more to this story than what most would have you believe.

If I was mayor, especially new, I would not touch this subject with a ten foot pole. It's political suicide.

acg 12 years, 11 months ago

I don't know how you morning people do it. I hit the snooze at least 4 times each morning. My hubby jumps up at 5:00 a.m., weekend or not, whistling and being all chipper and I really just want to smack him with something. Mornings are not my friend.

craigers 12 years, 11 months ago

I usually hit the snooze button at least a couple of times and that tends to get me in trouble sometimes and I am late getting out of the house. Oh well, I guess I just need more sleep.

remember_username 12 years, 11 months ago

I don't think I have a snooze button.

I think the "majority" are dangerous. Compromise is the best way to go, if the compromise "leans toward" the majority that is acceptable. Usually the best result is one that doesn't make anybody happy but is one everybody can live with.

ms_canada 12 years, 11 months ago

one_more_bob - that kind of contemplation will only get you grey hair and bags under your eyes. Get a clock with a snooze bar. Much better for you. Or seek counsel.

Ceallach 12 years, 11 months ago

Twice. If that doesn't get me up I reset the alarm, sleep in and talk mean to myself as I rush to work.

jonas 12 years, 11 months ago

I just get up, and usually go to the computer. By the time I figure out something to say on here, or read a few articles somewhere, my mind has had time to catch up to my body.

On my last alarm clock, the radio broke, so I had to use the buzzer, which sounded like 10,000 extremely pissed off geese coming right at you. It conditioned me.

Sunlover 12 years, 11 months ago

How many times? I don't really know for sure...just that my alarm goes off for a good hour before I actually get up!

Fangorn 12 years, 11 months ago

As the primary perpetrator of topical diversions on this forum, I've no cause to criticize another's introduction of a tangent. But I would like to ask: Where did that come from, FlakeyT?! [Her Mrs. Garrett character was certainly nice. I don't know enough about the actual person to form an opinion.]

italianprincess 12 years, 11 months ago

I have my clock set 15 minutes fast but still hit the snooze twice before getting up.

I really don't go back to sleep though because the birds are up and singing in the tree outside my window, so I just lay there a few then I'm up and ready to go.

italianprincess 12 years, 11 months ago

Charlotte Rae was born is 1926 and is still alive.

I watched both " Different Strokes " when she played the maid/nanny and " The Facts of Life " where she played the school mom and thought she was great.

Shes still alive and does tv appearances every now and then.

italianprincess 12 years, 11 months ago

I work 12 to 13 hour days, am a single mom with 2 boys who are both in sports. After work comes dinner before Tae Kwon-Do, then back home for dinner if we didn't get to eat then.

Bath for the youngest , then playtime and reading with him until he goes to bed. I wait up for my oldest to get home from work so we can talk about his day. After both are in bed I do the dishes, clean the house and try to get a bit of time for me in if possible. I get to bed around maybe 12:30 am if not by 1:00 am and I'm back up to do it all over again.

You can see why I hit the snooze at least twice.

raven 12 years, 11 months ago

IP: I think that is truly amazing. My mother to was a single mother trying to do it all herself with three kids. I would often tease her about "hitting the snooze" but now that we are all out of the house she is up every morning at 5:30 am! Of course she also tells me that she can actually get to bed at a decent time now :) So hang in there you may not "hit the snooze" forever.

squishypoet 12 years, 11 months ago

I hit it 5 or 6 times... I set the alarm for 1 hour before I have to get up, which is 1 hour before I have to be somewhere. So: Alarm goes off (for the first time) at 7, I hit the snooze button until 8, then go wherever I'm going at 9. Probably not extremely healthy to make that last hour of sleep so sporadic and interrupted, but oh well.

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