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Do you think that people have a hard time finding affordable housing in Lawrence?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on September 7, 2004

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Photo of James Mitchiner

“Compared to other cities. It’s one of the most expensive cities I’ve ever lived in.”

Photo of Eva Daniels

“Yes, they do. The cost is way too high.”

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“Yeah, I do because the housing costs are up. It’s a lot more expensive than it used to be.”

Photo of David Gaumer

“Absolutely, the prices of housing have outpaced the average working man.”


Hi_Jinks 13 years, 9 months ago

On August 16, 2004, The LJWorld on this post, asked a remarkably similiar question to the one that is asked today. What gives, LJWorld?? It would appear that you guys are backsliding because not only are you asking the same questions, but I see that you have gone back to asking (the same) questions on Mass. St as well! That's too bad! For a while there, it actually looked like the LJ World was willing to venture outside of the Mass. St. area and discover other parts of Lawrence. Hmm...I knew it was too good to be true!!....Oh, well!!

P.S. If you are going to stick to the Mass. St area, fine!---But is it too much to ask to not give/ask (basically) the same question more than once in,say, a 6 month period of time??

Reader 13 years, 9 months ago

Yes! Why Do You Think We Never See Any "Real Estate" Agents Posting Here! The Higher The Price, The Higher The Comissions. Why Would They Bother With Affordable Housing, When They Have To Start Finding Someone Who Can Afford Those $250K Homes (Out West) They're Planning On Building? And I Still Would Like To Know Who's Is Going To Be Able To Afford Them? I Bet They Don't Work In Lawrence! There Isn't Any Job On The Market In This Town Paying That Kind Of Money That I Know Of, For Any Common Folk!

mrcairo 13 years, 9 months ago

This housing market is rising faster than other parts of the country. My $100,000 house is worth $140,000 after 3 years. I wish I had bought 10 of 'em.

Compared to other markets, it's probably about right. The problem in Lawrence, is nobody can work here and afford a home. You must commute to find a paying wage.

I really don't understand why everybody in this town is willing to work for $8.00 an hour, or less.

Kyle Rohde 13 years, 9 months ago

Umm, James..the other cities you lived in must have been Baldwin, Garden City, and Moline. Lawrence is expensive relative to this state, but cheap compared to many many college towns. Try finding a 1400 sq ft 3 bedroom townhouse, like I live in, for $855 a month in a city like Madison or Austin.

Funnybone 13 years, 9 months ago

They might have. And yes Lawrence cost way to much money to live in. I have to go to school to be able to afford to buy anything in this neck of th woods!!

Adam 13 years, 9 months ago

That $500 house isn't nuts. It's a steal! You're lucky to find anything that could be considered a house for less than $700, and even that's a pretty good deal. The problem is that Lawrence is a really nice place to live, but there aren't any major employers there. The lack of decent paying jobs in Lawrence is in part due to the fact that the people of Lawrence are extremely well educated and that drives down wages that employers must pay to find qualified personnel. The fact is, Lawrence does not have a self sufficient economy. It is what it is, a bedroom community of KC.

JHAWKGURL 13 years, 9 months ago

Lawrence is VERY HIGH.....I choose to move out of the city and to an outerlying city because I want to be able to go to the bar and have a freaking smoke and blow off fireworks to celelbrate the 4th of July! Lawrence no longer has that small town charm........

Enid 13 years, 9 months ago

Of course Lawrence is expensive. It is true that it could be worse but I have a feeling that worse isn't far away with large companies like First Management buying up all the properties and jacking up the rent, and not including ANY utilities in that price. Oh lets not forget the woooonderful service, in case any of you haven't rented from them, count yourselves lucky. I'm a college student and I have to commute to Topeka just to get a wage around 8.00 an hour which doesn't even cover my rent, books, and school, and forget food. Financial Aid isn't an option for Middle Class students because our parents "make too much." WE NEED A LIVING WAGE!!!!!

Lulu 13 years, 9 months ago

We need to go back to houses made of mud and grasses. The pioneers survived using this method. It is also an ecological way to live.

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