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How often do you use the Internet? What for?

Asked at Royal Crest Lanes on October 2, 2004

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Photo of Mike Campbell

“Probably once a day to check my e-mail and do research for papers. It takes anywhere from five minutes to a couple of hours.”

Photo of Barb Mayne

“I use the Internet every day for work. How long varies depending on what I need to look up.”

Photo of Marcie Morris

“Usually every day for business, and to read the Journal-World. I use it for about an hour a day.”

Photo of Ruben Edmonds

“I never use the Internet. I hate personal computers.”


jdn 13 years, 7 months ago

Lulu should check out Max I bet she would love that porn.

mrcairo 13 years, 7 months ago

I'm online about 12 hours a day or more. I update my companies website, and other websites I do on the side. I get my news online. I buy most of my products online. I communicate with friends and family online. I download and upload all day.

I love it!

jonas 13 years, 7 months ago

Actually, my physical shell died long ago, and there's nothing left of me but my brain, connected to advanced life support technology. I've been hard-wired to the web for the last 3 years, so, of course, I'm on it continuously.

Let me tell you, pop-ups are a b#$ch! And that sasser worm, woowee!

I am, however, approaching a new level of development, where I can leave my physical brain behind, and defuse my conciousness into the information stream, becoming one with the internet, thus forming the INFORMATION JONAVERSE! Soon, I will control your information, and thus I will control your lives!! MWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA.

/btw, don't tell anyone!

Adam 13 years, 7 months ago

I use my computers so much that when I go to bed I reffer to it as "going offline"

Lulu 13 years, 7 months ago

I know that men use the internet to look at porn sites. It is so degrading to womyn it makes me sick.

spym00se 13 years, 7 months ago

Lulu, maybe its the women degrading themselves? And what about lesbian women who look at porno sites. Or women who look at male porno sites? I look at porno proudly and don't care what you or anyone else says about it., good luck with the bowling alley.

JHAWKGURL 13 years, 7 months ago

I use the net for shopping, reading the paper, fantasy football, fantasy NASCAR, interacting with my friends and family and ALWAYS FOR PORN!!!! Ã Hey LULU wanna free pass to my porn site featuring me????? I'll give ya a free trial.....come will love it!!!!!!!!!

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