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Are you more concerned about the threat of terrorism or rising gasoline prices?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on March 24, 2004

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“I’m going to say gas prices because there will be more wars because of gas than because of terrorism.”

“My gut reaction is terrorism because gas prices are just money. I’d rather be stuck with rising gas prices than terrorism.”

“I’m more concerned about gas prices because that concerns me more directly. I drive every day. Terrorism is more scary, but I don’t think a terrorist is going to try to kill little old me.”

“I’d have to say terrorism. You don’t know when they’re going to hit or where. Gas isn’t that big of a deal because you can always walk or carpool.”


denak 9 years, 7 months ago

I'm more concerned with rising gas prices. Terrorism does not touch my life at all other than on a world wide stage. Gas prices touch home every single day since I have to drive to KCK three times a week for classes. I have to do an internship this semester and I live in fear that the only internship I will find will be out of town. Even driving to Eudora or Baldwin is going to add to an huge expense that is already cutting into my food and utilities budget.


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