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Why do you think people vandalize sculptures like “Self Portrait as a Midget?”

Asked at Massachusetts Street on June 23, 2004

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Photo of Ann Weeth

“People who don’t vandalize would have a hard time answering because it’s such an unfathomable act. Why would someone destroy art? Maybe they’re angry and it’s easy because it’s there.”

Photo of Rev Morris

“Some of the kids out there don’t know how to handle the alcohol they consume. It’s a few bad apples that want to seem cool to their friends.”

Photo of Ronda Wooden

“Because they are stupid, small-minded people with not enough to do. I don’t understand vandalism at all.”

Photo of Drake Younger

“In a town like this it’s because they’re immature. They’re fresh out of their parents’ house and don’t know what to do with freedom. When they start owning things, hopefully they’ll stop destroying other peoples’ things.”


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