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How do you think the Wakarusa Music Festival will affect the city of Lawrence?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on June 17, 2004

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Photo of Amy Moore

“I came here for the festival, and I think it’ll be good. It seems like a great spot to have them because it’s so mellow here. As long as no one gets out of control.”

Photo of Daniel Alves

“We went out to the campgrounds today, and they were really nice. Too nice for festival grounds. I think it’s going to get really messed up.”

Photo of Seth Toebben

“I can tell you how it’s affecting me. My landlord lives out of town and the person who takes care of things is working at the festival, so he isn’t fixing anything at my house this weekend, even though there’s work to be done.”

Photo of Thia Belcher

“Whenever you bring traffic into Lawrence, it’ll help business here. It’s a great idea.”


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