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Is it a good idea for the CIA to offer scholarships to students who specialize in intelligence-related fields?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on July 18, 2004

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Photo of Mark Brownlee

“I think the scholarships are a good idea. It’s a dangerous field, and it’s a good idea to offer cash incentives for people to go into fields that are not as attractive.”

Photo of Amber Stevens

“Yes. I think it would attract more students to that type of field if there were more scholarships available.”

Photo of Brad Cuppy

“I think it is a good idea. It’s a good incentive to fill the ranks of the CIA after eight years of Clinton and the neglect of the CIA.”

Photo of Mike Hart

“Obviously we need some higher-quality CIA people. In the old days when I was in the service, ‘military intelligence’ was a misnomer.”


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