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Will a 5 percent increase in turnpike tolls make you take other roads?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on July 8, 2004

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Photo of Gregory Low

“Yes. I’d rather drive seven miles to K-10 than go on the turnpike.”

Photo of Dan Smith

“No. I travel for work twice a week, and it’s so much more convenient on I-70.”

Photo of Kori Green

“Yes. Gas prices are going up, and we can’t keep paying for everything.”

Photo of Julia Roberts

“Yes, because if it’s going to keep going up, I’m not going to pay that much. It’s bad enough as it is.”


Kathy Theis-Getto 8 years ago

Good point, China, you get what you pay for. Another example of America's reality and our 75 trillion dollar unfunded liability.

dminear60 8 years ago

No. In this case, you get what you pay for.

blessed3x 8 years ago

How ridiculous. In the Lawrence area, I would hazard to guess that the most common Turnpike use is to drive to Topeka. How much is that? Ninety cents if you take the south Topeka exit? The increase would be a frickin' nickel?!?!?! Would you drive HWY 40 to Topeka to save a nickel? No way. You'd spend 50x that on gas. Unless you're commutting to Wichita everyday, how in the world is this going to make even the slightest difference. If you can't absorb a 5-15cents into your commutting budget every day, maybe you need to move closer to work. If you only use the turnpike occassionally, suck it up! The new 6-lane is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I'm willing to pay a little more to have the convenience of a road like that.

hawklet21 8 years ago

No, but I would LOVE to have a cedit card lane or something, so you could pull up, swipe and go. I never have that pesky $1.45 in cash on me!!

hawklet21 8 years ago

Wow, I didn't even notice! I wonder why that happens?? It seems to happen quite frequently.

salad 8 years ago

Holy thread-revival, Batman!

trinity 8 years ago

you wonder why what happens, hawklet? why they won't put a swipe n'go lane on the tollway for you? why it always seems that no matter how hard you try, somebody's always gotta be a smartarse?? :)

hawklet21 8 years ago

dminear60: I don't want to. Trinity: Shut 'yo mouth. :)

Linda Aikins 8 years ago

dminear60, how in the world did you pull this off?

trinity 8 years ago

it's a full moon, gootsie-need i say more?

o and hawklet-shuddupa ya own mouth! ;)

blindrabbit 8 years ago

Commuted to KC for 14 years; the turnpike was by far the best alternative, that is unless you want to drive NASCAR style on K-10.

My beef with the turnpike, if they truly wanted communters to use the road why did/do they offer so small a discount for the K-Tag user. Last time I checked it was only 10% savings, when coupled with the monthly tag rental fee the advantage is even less. Other states that I have commuted in offered considerably greater discounts.

Stiil a great road!

dminear60 8 years ago

Gootsie: I could tell you but then I would have to...well you know.

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