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How much control should school administrators have over controversial topics in high school newspapers?

Asked at in Buford M. Watson Jr. Park on February 29, 2004

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“I believe a lot in freedom of the press, and I think that extends to high school journalism as well.”

“I think they should limit it to what they’re taught in schools. Hopefully teachers know what should be taught and what shouldn’t. We can’t hide kids from sex.”

“I think the principal should have some oversight over what appears because the examples in the paper earlier pushed the envelope. There are limits in the real world, too.”

“The school board sets policies, and administrators make sure those policies are followed. I don’t think administrators should go over the principal’s head if those policies are being followed.”


Norma Jeane Baker 6 years, 1 month ago

The principal of the school should probably be the final authority. Run a school paper as close to real world as possible. Ya gotta learn sometime.

There goes that darn flux capacitor again.


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