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Should Ralph Nader run for president in 2004?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on February 21, 2004

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“No. He’s a loser.”

“It’s a choice between is it more important to get Bush out of office or vote for who you really want. It’s sad, but democracy just works that way.”

“No, because he’s not allowing for regime change. In my opinion, he’s doing this for selfish reasons and he could destroy our chances of removing Bush from office.”

“Yes, he should. I believe we need to get Bush out of office because he’s cutting people’s taxes and cutting welfare. He’d be a good president. Better than Bush.”


countrygirl 10 years ago

No, and he shouldn't be running in 2008.

countrygirl 10 years ago

Why does he think he has to resurface every 4 years?

georgeofwesternkansas 10 years ago

Yes, I think Ralph should run for president in 2004.

matahari 10 years ago

Why does the JW continue to mess with our minds?

Tony Kisner 10 years ago

I would guess he has as good a chance of winning the '04 as '08.

Marty_McFly 10 years ago

I predict that Ralph Nader will win the presidency in the future.

Mkh 10 years ago

We should welcome all third party and independant candidates to engage in the national election process. This will foster a true debate about what is best for America.

Kyle Reed 10 years ago

Yes, he should run if he chooses to. Aside from that the street comments are ridiculous and none of those people should vote because they apparently lack the understanding that even if he didn't run Bush would no longer be in office.

beatrice 10 years ago

I don't know about 2004, but if he runs in 2008 I'll have to get a "Run, Ralph, Run" bumpersticker ... for the FRONT bumper.

Would somebody please buy Akreed a clue.

Tom McCune 10 years ago

Yes, he should run for President of The Netherlands. Maybe they would elect him and get him out of our hair.

Tom McCune 10 years ago

Actually, he should run for President of the Ralph Nader admiration society.

Matt Toplikar 10 years ago

As far as Nader running for "selfish reasons"-- Anyone who takes a look at the guy's history can very easily tell that this is not a selfish man. As a private citizen he's started dozens of non-profit organizations. He was also a instrumental in getting seat belts put in cars, not to mention facilitating the passage of the safe drinking water act and the creation of the EPA. For those of you who are angry about Bush's struggles against the Freedom of Information Act, you might ask yourself who was the key player in getting it passed to begin with.--Please tell me how these pieces of legislation benefit Ralph Nader personally.

For those of you who like the fact that the democratic candidates are pushing harder for health care, the environment, or corporations' control over politics-- you should take note that Nader has been talking about these things for most of his career, and there's good evidence to show that the reason the democrats are pushing for these issues is that they want the Nader votes that were lost in the last two elections.

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