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Have you registered to vote for the election this November?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on August 31, 2004

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Photo of Katie Ashmore

“Definitely; I was already registered in Douglas County.”

Photo of Jim Bender

“Yes, but I think that I’m registered in Missouri, so I am going to re-register at the Love Garden.”

Photo of Michael Paull

“Absolutely, everyone should — well, almost everyone.”

Photo of Martha Snyder

“No, but I am going to. As a matter of fact, I’m going to do it this week.”


BigGuy 13 years ago

Crap, my cover is blown. Please don't tell Jonas. I still have work to do on the feeble minds of this community!

Bugbear 13 years ago

The word is spelled....disingenuous.... And you're welcome!!

jonas 13 years ago

But of course! Though I still can't decide who to vote for. Anybody but Bush doesn't necessarily mean Kerry, who has thoroughly failed to impress me. Of course, being Kansas, I can't see how it matters that much, since I am voting anybody but Bush, I am sort of throwing my vote away.

Savage 13 years ago

Ya know? ... Once in a while you hear people say... "If you dont vote, then your attitude, or questioning of the laws should not matter." I think I disagree with people who say such things. What if you think both (or all) candidates suck and dont want to vote for either one? uh-hem, I guess that means you can kiss my ... then huh.

Savage 13 years ago

I need to re-register this week, the above is an experiment.

mrcairo 13 years ago

I remember my first Presidential Vote, for one of the greatest Presidents, Jimmy Carter. Since that day I have always voted in every major Election.

I also remember the party atmosphere when Clinton defeated G. Bush, and look forward to the party atmosphere when Kerry takes office. What a relief to know that the Economy will finally start to turn around, that the war on Terrorists will finally begin, in Afghanistan, with well supplied troops, and real support for their efforts at home.

If you don't vote, you have no voice.

mr_daniels 13 years ago

All ten of my children will vote GOP! They know the importance of excercising their right as citizens to participate by choosing a leader for this great land. The GOP philosophy with more individual freedom and less governmental interference and a sane ideology works just fine for them and me. On the other hand the Democrat Party philosophy for more government and more rules and regulations upon the citizens has been muddled and hijacked by a strange ideology that has altered forever the Party "of my parents". We see the Democrat Party lost with no "center", no core...only many different centers and cores thaty has moved them even more left them the socialist communism. Even Mao and Uncle Ho have to do double takes at these Clintonisque progressive socialist ideoloques! Amazing! Just kidding about those ten children. 10 children...still working on it! Peace.

craigers 13 years ago

I haven't changed my address yet to be registered in Lawrence, but I am getting there. Once I do, I will be ready to vote GOP in November. MrCairo, just a question but when Kerry gets in office (doubtful), how is he going to mysteriously create more troops than we already have? Or are you in favor of the draft, as long as Bush isn't the one that reinstates it as many people feel is going to happen?

BigGuy 13 years ago

I also am registered and planning on voting GOP in November. My problem was in getting registered. I had to send in the form 4 times before it got processed, and even then I had to call the state election office to make sure I was registered because I never got the card in the mail. On top of that, I just moved so I probably have to go through the whole ordeal again for my address chnage. Maybe it's a conspiracy by all the liberals in this county to keep me from voting Republican....???

BigGuy 13 years ago

I was kidding about the whole conspiracy thing. That theory seems to make it's way into any topic so I just wanted to be the one to bring it up for once. Besides, I registered at the DMV last time and it did get processed. The only issue is with Douglas County not getting voter registration cards out and letting you know where your new polling location is. I will probably just have to call down there and find out.

jonas 13 years ago

Sure, Big Guy, and you're not a plant by the neocons to discourage liberals from getting registered and voting.

"Uh, yeah. . . it's really hard, and if you're stoned you won't be able to figure it out, you stupid hippie! So stay home! And no one will think I'm part of a conspiracy since I already brought it up! Muwahahahahahaha!"

I see right through your disengenous plot!

mrcairo 13 years ago

To answer your question: We don't need more troops. We need to deploy the ones we have. Preferably to areas where terrorists reside, like Afghanistan. If we needed a few more, I'd suggest Bush and Cheney right up there on the front lines 'eh?

Your Question: MrCairo, just a question but when Kerry gets in office (doubtful), how is he going to mysteriously create more troops than we already have? Or are you in favor of the draft, as long as Bush isn't the one that reinstates it as many people feel is going to happen?

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