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Should Lawrence rezone land at Sixth Street and Wakarusa Drive so “big-box” stores, such as Wal-Mart, cannot build there?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on April 13, 2004

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Photo of Gene Glass

“Yeah. Part of the whole essence of Lawrence is the smaller shop idea. Wal-Mart is notorious for running out smaller businesses, and you lose a lot of individuality that way.”

Photo of Jimmy Bender

“I don’t want to see another Wal-Mart in this town. That’s the bottom line. I’m sick of seeing them everywhere.”

Photo of Heath Bramhall

“I do believe so. I think Lawrence should stick to small businesses, and keep corporations out of our city.”

Photo of Ben Koontz

“We do enjoy the Lawrence downtown, with smaller stores. It has a better atmosphere. And I’m against Wal-Mart in general.”


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