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Should doctors be required to report evidence of sexual activity in people younger than 16 to legal authorities?

Asked at Liberty Hall, 642 Mass. on October 8, 2003

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“If a physician has evidence of some kind of sexual abuse, they should turn that over to authorities. But if it’s just a teenager being promiscuous, I don’t think they have a right to invade their privacy.”

“Yes. If you know someone’s doing something illegally, it’s your responsibility to turn it in. There’s a possibility that child is being raped or having sex with someone much older.”

“No. I think it’s jumping the gun going straight to the authorities. I think there needs to be more questioning, or not. It’s probably none of their business.”

“No. ‘Big Brother is watching’ is not a good term anymore. They’re still under the authority of their parents; it should be up to them.”


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