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Should Sen. Wagle pursue her objections to Dennis Dailey’s human sexuality course or drop the issue?

Asked at Hy-Vee, 3504 Clinton Parkway on May 1, 2003

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“I think she should attend the class and see what’s there. I’ve lived in Lawrence my whole life, and I’ve heard very good things about him as a professor.”

“She should drop it. I’m in the class. It’s a good course. If you sign up for it, it’s because you want to take it.”

“Drop it because it’s ridiculous. She has no business intervening in what is taught at KU. It is very well-described in the syllabus and if you find any of that offensive, you don’t need to sign up.”

“I don’t think she should have pursued it to begin with. There are bigger problems out there. She needs to put her energies into solving our budget problem and leave this issue alone.”


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