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Should pilots carry guns on planes?

Asked at Borders Books, Music & Cafe on November 30, 2002

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“Yeah, because it can save the lives of other passengers that ride on the plane.”

“I don’t think the fact of carrying guns will decrease the number of terrorist attempts. Action needs to be taken in the cabin itself, not by pilots. The interiors of planes would need to be made safer if we have firearms being shot inside for pressure and things like that.”

“I think the pilots as an association would be in the best position to make that decision.”

“I think they should to protect themselves and the safety of passengers on the plane.”


jake 13 years, 3 months ago

No, I think that firearms shouldn't be used on planes. The use a of a gun within a plane exposes the high risk hitting a passenger especially if the terrorist has a gun also. Pilots and other personnel onboard airliners should practice more non-lethal tactics such as the use of tazers or stunguns to ensure the saftey of the passengers.

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