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Is America prepared for bioterrorism?

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“Yes. I think we have enough medical technology.”

“Yes, because the United States is a leader in the medical field because we have the training and the equipment to deal with anything that comes along.”

“I hope so. With all the money we spend on defense, I would hope our government would have something in place.”

“No, I don’t think anybody is. I don’t see how you could be, personally. I don’t see how anybody could prepare for it.”


dobermanmacleod 10 years, 3 months ago

No country dependent upon globalization can be prepared for the next flu pandemic, let alone a bioterrorist pandemic. Same day intercontinental air travel, just in time inventory, and gigantic international trade that substitutes for domestic production, mean that we couldn't stop the spread of a contagious pathogen, nor escape economic collapse. Furthermore, due to the genomic revolution (the explosion of knowledge in the life sciences), individuals can now constructing highly contagious extremely lethal virus. Read the earliest enties on my blog for more information. Nuclear blindness is the mistaken belief that the bigger the bang the more powerful the weapon. A highly contagious extremely lethal virus is more powerful than a nuke because it would continue to kill at a geometric rate as it spreads-and if you think the world's healthcare systems is up to the job of infection control, you need to do more research on the subject.

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