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Are gas prices affecting your driving habits?

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“You bet. I live in the country and we make a concerted effort to make only one trip to town a day.”

“I’d say yes. I’m arranging my schedule so I take fewer trips and make more things count when I do.”

“Overall I would say no because I’m kind of a homebody anyway, but I wasn’t real sure if I would come into town today.”

“No, not at all because of my profession (which involves a lot of driving).”


pace 7 years ago

I think gas will dip, maybe dip again if they bargain to get drilling rights in sensitive areas or off shore. I am pretty sure gas will be $5 a gallon by election time. It is an excellent way to campaign against Obama and make another year of record profits. Win win for the Koch brothers. Or does anyone think the gas companies are competing with each other? It will be $5. a gallon by election times and there will be million dollar ad campaigns blaming it on Obama. Best thing to do is plan, plan and act to use less gas.

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