World news

Syrian rebels withdraw from enclave after siege
March 2, 2012
After a punishing, monthlong military siege, Syrian rebels made what they called a “tactical retreat” Thursday from a key district in Homs, saying they were running low on weapons and the humanitarian conditions were unbearable.
Egypt lifts travel ban on U.S. workers
February 29, 2012
Egypt lifted a travel ban Wednesday on seven Americans charged with fomenting unrest by working for illegally funded pro-democracy groups, signaling an end to the worst crisis in Egypt-U.S. relations in 30 years.
North Korea says it will halt some nuclear activities
Country takes step in exchange for food aid
February 29, 2012
North Korea raised hopes Wednesday for a major easing in nuclear tensions under its youthful new leader, agreeing to suspend uranium enrichment at a major facility and refrain from missile and nuclear tests in exchange for a mountain of critically needed U.S. food aid.
Officials say 3 killed in Canadian train derailment
February 27, 2012
A Canadian Via Rail passenger train derailed west of Toronto on Sunday, killing three railroad employees and injuring dozens of passengers, officials said.
Constitution vote dismissed as ‘farce’
February 27, 2012
The U.S. and its allies dismissed the Syrian regime’s referendum on a new constitution Sunday as a “farce” meant to justify the bloody crackdown on dissent.
‘Friends of Syria’ vow support for opposition
February 24, 2012
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton blasted Russia and China as “despicable” for opposing U.N. action aimed at stopping the bloodshed in Syria, and more than 60 nations began planning a civilian peacekeeping mission to deploy after the Damascus regime halts its crackdown on the opposition.
In battered city, cries of tragic plight
February 24, 2012
Medics stitch wounds with thread used for clothing. Hungry residents risk Syrian government sniper fire or shelling to hunt for dwindling supplies of bread and canned food on the streets of the besieged city of Homs. The opposition stronghold was being destroyed “inch by inch,” by government forces, with collapsed walls and scorched buildings, according to accounts Thursday, while Western and Arab leaders hoped to silence the guns long enough to rush in relief aid.
Seoul holds military drills despite threat
February 21, 2012
South Korea conducted live-fire military drills near its disputed sea boundary with North Korea on Monday despite Pyongyang’s threat to respond with a “merciless” attack.
Forces mass outside rebel stronghold in Syria
February 21, 2012
Syrian tanks and troops massed Monday outside the resistance stronghold of Homs for a possible ground assault that one activist warned could unleash a new round of fierce and bloody urban combat even as the Red Cross tried to broker a cease-fire to allow emergency aid in.
EU diplomat: Bailout deal for Greece reached
February 21, 2012
After more than 12 hours of talks, the countries that use the euro reached an agreement early today to hand Greece 130 billion euros, or $170 billion, in extra bailout loans to save it from a potentially disastrous default next month, an European Union diplomat said.
German government, opposition agree on new president
February 20, 2012
Germany’s government and the two major opposition parties said Sunday they would jointly nominate former East German human rights activist Joachim Gauck to be the country’s next president.
Iran cuts oil exports to Britain, France
February 20, 2012
Iran has halted oil shipments to Britain and France, the Oil Ministry said Sunday, in an apparent pre-emptive blow against the European Union after the bloc imposed sanctions on Iran’s crucial fuel exports.
2 judicial officials slain in Syria
February 20, 2012
Gunmen in Syria staged a guerrilla-style ambush that killed a senior state prosecutor and a judge Sunday in an attack that suggested armed factions are growing bolder and more coordinated in their uprising against President Bashar Assad’s regime.
Similar tragedies to deadly Honduran prison fire could occur across region
February 17, 2012
The world’s worst prison fire in a century happened in a lockup like many in Honduras: a decrepit, suffocating place of overcrowded, dark cellblocks where many inmates were accused only of petty crimes.
Global clearinghouse to evict Iranian banks
February 17, 2012
A financial clearinghouse used by virtually every country and major corporation in the world agreed Friday to shut out Iran from its respected network, an unprecedented escalation of global economic pressure to halt Iran’s suspected drive for nuclear weapons.