Kansas Turnpike construction

Video: Final bridge supports blasted

The last supports of the old Kansas River bridge were blasted Wednesday. Crews will now work to dispose of the materials that fell into the river. Watch »

Video: Second KTA bridge blast goes off without a hitch

A KU student pushed the button that demolished a portion of the Kansas Turnpike bridge. Watch »

Video: KU student pushes detonation trigger

KU junior Jessica Sadler pushes the button that detonates the explosives rigged to two sections of the Kansas Turnpike bridge. Watch »

Video: Blast technician discusses bridge explosion

Patrick Carney, owner of Chicago Explosive Services, the firm hired to blast the original turnpike bridges, was on hand Thursday when a portion the bridges was taken down. Watch »

Video: Slow-motion capture of turnpike blast

Two views of Thursday morning's demolition of a section of the Kansas River bridge, one at full speed and the other slowed down. Watch »