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Lawrence Memorial Hospital obtains life saver
Toplikar: Scanner produces state-of-art images
July 16, 2006
Eating a brat leftover from some weekend grilling, I wondered what the heck I was doing to my cholesterol level. That made me remember - I needed to call my cousin Joe.
Grills & gadgets
Toplikar: Charcoal model wins favor over propane
July 2, 2006
It was Father’s Day. I was doing the grilling, and the kids were starting to filter into the backyard. “Is that it?” Arna asked, walking up.
Toplikar: Keeping iPods afloat
Don’t fret! Soaked devices can be revived if proper steps taken
June 18, 2006
It was Julie’s voice on my cell phone “Hey, Dad. I have some bad news.”
Toplikar: Focusing on latest in digital cameras
June 4, 2006
I answered the phone on the second ring. It was Katy. “Yo, Dad. I’ve been looking at cameras online.”
Mumps phobia spreads
Toplikar: Tips to reduce risk of infection at work, home
May 21, 2006
The reactions Julie was getting seemed contagious: first sympathy, then fear.
Race for alternative fuel
High gas prices push desire for e85
May 7, 2006
The numbers on the pump seemed to be getting unusually high - $37.73 … $38.26 … $39.57 … And my gasoline tank wasn’t full yet. As the pump price kept rolling up - $40.10 … $42.90 - I was starting to take it personally. The foreign oil barons were dipping into my money for coffee and doughnuts.
Mulch madness
April 23, 2006
Julie and I had been raking awhile. And it was time to start bagging the piles of leaves.
Toplikar: Hand-crank radios allow users to tune in when power is out
April 6, 2006
I called out. I couldn’t see anything as I entered my house. “I’m in here.”
Toplikar: Library patrons can download audio books - but not on iPods
Check it out
March 23, 2006
After a week at home, my daughter Bonnie was packing up and getting ready for the long road back to the University of Iowa. Her boyfriend, Arna Hemenway, would be doing the driving from Lawrence to Iowa City.
Toplikar: Computer software takes work out of office pools
Lining up picks for NCAA Tournament easier with technology
March 9, 2006
“Dad, I can go home. Come up and get me!” Julie’s voice on the phone sounded much better. She’d been at Lawrence Memorial Hospital for the last few days - after suffering from an unexpected lung collapse, she’s doing just fine now - and our thoughts were getting her back to the normal life of a college freshman.