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Toplikar: Pimp my Prius, please
Embracers of hybrid technology join auto club all of their own
May 6, 2007
“I don’t get it. What do you mean, gas and electric? Do you plug it in?” I laughed as I drove my daughter Julie from her dorm in my new Toyota Prius. Julie had lots of questions. Like many of us, she was pretty skeptical of the whole notion of mixing two power sources - an electric motor and a gasoline engine - under one hood.
Toplikar: On the cutting edge
Electric mowers are much friendlier to environment
April 15, 2007
After the fifth pull on the starting rope, my mower still wouldn’t start. I found the dusty manual in the garage and noticed the old sales slip was still there - the Craftsman mower was 7 years old, almost to the day.
New device diagnoses your car’s ailments
Self-service kiosk deciphers warning lights’ meaning
March 18, 2007
My wife had parked behind me in the driveway. And when I moved her car, that’s when I noticed it - the ominous glowing red “check engine” light. I went inside to ask her how long it had been on.
On the spot weather
Storm Hawk keeps eye on conditions with GPS and radar
March 4, 2007
Bonnie was talking about the strange weather she’d just been through in Iowa City.
Toplikar: Finding your way with GPS
GPS devices can be your travel partner on or off the road
February 18, 2007
The ring shattered the brittle 15-degree air. “Sorry,” I told the other two guys, panting as I dropped back. “Hi Dad.”
Toplikar: Nitrogen for tires - just hot air?
February 4, 2007
“Lauren and I are thinking about driving up to see Bonnie and Kate in Iowa in a couple of weeks,” Julie told me at my kitchen table. “Are you driving?” She nodded. “Probably.”
Toplikar: Chip off the cold block
Prof’s powerful technology could make scraper obsolete
January 21, 2007
Where is it? I was cold, sleepy and hunting around in Julie’s car to find something to clean the thick ice off her windshield.
Toplikar: Keep Rover in range
Devices help track and recover lost pets
January 7, 2007
Don’t let the dog out,” I was warned. But somehow, when I stepped outside on the front porch on New Year’s Eve, my daughter Katy’s little black dog scooted out between my legs.
Time is running out
Be sure to remember gadgets during last-minute shopping
December 24, 2006
‘What? You’d better not be waiting until Christmas Eve to do your shopping : Buddy. We have too much to do.” “But it’s tradition!” I said, looking over the electronic gadgets in the newspaper inserts.
Toplikar: Blue battle - Blu-ray, HD DVD fight for video supremacy
December 10, 2006
I was reading up on the difference between the next generation of DVD formats when Katy brought in her tiny new dog.