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This is the interim home of the new, The World Company’s community dedicated to being the premier site for local information that can help local residents make decisions that contribute to saving money by using less, taking steps to reduce our country’s dependency on foreign sources of energy and leaving our community a better place than they found it. We have a phased launch planned between now and April 16, 2011, when we’ll roll out the real site in conjunction with the City of Lawrence Earth Day celebration. Check back often to see what we’re doing.

Bathtub couches go from trash pile heap to living room chic
April 12, 2011
A Lawrence-based company called Ruff House Art is gaining some national recognition for making couches out of old cast iron, claw foot bathtubs. The company is in a national “Green is Universal Contest” being sponsored by the online retail site Etsy and the Green is Universal web site.
Green tax breaks that can improve your home and wallet
April 11, 2011
From windows to wind turbines, tax credits give homeowners an extra incentive to make energy-efficient home improvements. With the help of information from the U.S. Department of Energy, we made a cheat sheet on what tax credits are available for 2011.
Prairie Moon Waldorf School earns state award for being green
April 9, 2011
Prairie Moon Waldorf School was named a “Kansas Green School of the Year” by the Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education. It received its award April 1.
Streaming video of newly hatched eagle family fun to watch
April 8, 2011
Here’s a warm, fuzzy way to start off the weekend: living streaming video of two eagles and their babies in Decorah, Iowa.
Downtown Lawrence Farmers’ Market opens Saturday
April 7, 2011
At 7 a.m. Saturday, the Downtown Lawrence Farmers’ Market, in the 800 block of New Hampshire, will officially begin its 35th year. A record number of vendors asked to sell at the market this year, so expect to see some new faces.
Energy conference at KU to feature Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback
April 7, 2011
From the former president of one of the world’s largest oil companies to an executive of a company that makes electric vehicle charging stations, an energy conference at Kansas University will pull from a wide range of industry experts.
The Merc says goodbye to plastic bags
April 6, 2011
By Earth Day (April 22), the Merc will no longer provide plastic bags. The change comes at the request of shoppers, who when surveyed overwhelming said they want to see the bags gone.
Here’s a thought provoking short film on the life of a plastic bag
April 5, 2011
After talking to the folks at the Merc, who are going to stop providing plastic bags to customers, I couldn’t help but share this mockumentary short film. It forever changed how I view a plain old plastic bag.
Eudora joins loan program for energy efficiency upgrades
April 5, 2011
The city of Eudora is the latest utility provider to sign on to the state’s zero percent interest loan program, which gives Kansans an extra incentive to make energy efficiency upgrades to homes and small businesses.
Westar will hold a do-it-yourself home energy audit class
April 4, 2011
For people who want to make simple energy improvements to their homes, but don’t know how, Westar Energy is offering a three-hour, do-it-yourself home energy audit course. The class will be from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 16.
K-State gearing up to save energy as part of Take Charge Challenge
April 1, 2011
From doing an energy audit on the president’s residence to developing a marketing campaign that features a female superhero and Willie the Wildcat, Kansas State has mapped out a serious game plan to help Manhattan beat Lawrence in the Take Charge Challenge.
Douglas County eyeing diversion to combat noxious weeds
March 31, 2011
In the fight against noxious weeds, Douglas County is borrowing a concept straight from the courtroom: diversion. It’s a tactic that could result in the spraying of fewer chemicals and a reduction in the negative effects the herbicides have on nearby crops.
Climate change could have dangerous spider crawling northward
March 30, 2011
As temperatures creep northward over the next couple decades, so will the poisonous brown recluse spider. Erin Saupe, a Kansas University geology and Biodiversity Institute student, has spent the past year and half studying how climate change will impact the habitat of brown recluse spiders.
Green guide to spring cleaning
March 28, 2011
During this year’s round of spring cleaning, think about reaching into your cupboard instead of under your sink when picking cleaning products. Natural cleaning products tend to cost less than traditional commercial products, don’t produce indoor pollutants that can irritate children and pets, and work just as well.
LED street lights to come to downtown Lawrence
March 25, 2011
The City Commission on Tuesday is scheduled to finalize plans to install 115 LED street lights in downtown.

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