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This is the interim home of the new, The World Company’s community dedicated to being the premier site for local information that can help local residents make decisions that contribute to saving money by using less, taking steps to reduce our country’s dependency on foreign sources of energy and leaving our community a better place than they found it. We have a phased launch planned between now and April 16, 2011, when we’ll roll out the real site in conjunction with the City of Lawrence Earth Day celebration. Check back often to see what we’re doing.

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Smart Saver

Last year, Lawrence activated a city statute you couldn’t smoke within 10 feet of a business. Is this still in effect? Who enforces the ordinance?
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Video: Home energy audit is a 'physical check-up' for your house

West Lawrence homeowner Tony Schmidt decided to get a $100 home energy audit through the Kansas Energy Office. The audit will uncover areas in Schmidt's house that are leaking air and draining energy. Watch »

Video: Linda Cottin explains the differences between compact fluorescent light blubs and incandescent light bulbs

Linda Cottin, of Cottin Hardware and Rentals, talks about the life span and energy efficiency of compact fluorescent light bulbs compare to incandescent ones. Watch »

Video: Consumers have options when it comes to compact fluorescent light bulbs

Linda Cottin of Cottin Hardware talks about the different options consumers can find when looking to use CFL bulbs rather than the less energy efficient incandescent ones. Watch »

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Firefighters, medics save energy, thousands of dollars during friendly competition

Turning off lights, computer monitors and treadmills helped Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical trim more than $1,500 from their electric bills during a recent four-month period.

Writer calls for better environmental foresight in new book

In 2007, Bryan Welch nearly killed himself on a twisty mountain road in Oregon.

State makes battle plan for toxic algae

During the past summer, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment tracked toxic blue-green algal blooms in more than 40 lakes and ponds.

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