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This is the interim home of the new, The World Company’s community dedicated to being the premier site for local information that can help local residents make decisions that contribute to saving money by using less, taking steps to reduce our country’s dependency on foreign sources of energy and leaving our community a better place than they found it. We have a phased launch planned between now and April 16, 2011, when we’ll roll out the real site in conjunction with the City of Lawrence Earth Day celebration. Check back often to see what we’re doing.

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Smart Saver

Last year, Lawrence activated a city statute you couldn’t smoke within 10 feet of a business. Is this still in effect? Who enforces the ordinance?
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Video: Home energy audit is a 'physical check-up' for your house

West Lawrence homeowner Tony Schmidt decided to get a $100 home energy audit through the Kansas Energy Office. The audit will uncover areas in Schmidt's house that are leaking air and draining energy. Watch »

Video: Linda Cottin explains the differences between compact fluorescent light blubs and incandescent light bulbs

Linda Cottin, of Cottin Hardware and Rentals, talks about the life span and energy efficiency of compact fluorescent light bulbs compare to incandescent ones. Watch »

Video: Consumers have options when it comes to compact fluorescent light bulbs

Linda Cottin of Cottin Hardware talks about the different options consumers can find when looking to use CFL bulbs rather than the less energy efficient incandescent ones. Watch »

Sunflower Horizons features

Firefighters, medics save energy, thousands of dollars during friendly competition

Turning off lights, computer monitors and treadmills helped Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical trim more than $1,500 from their electric bills during a recent four-month period.

Writer calls for better environmental foresight in new book

In 2007, Bryan Welch nearly killed himself on a twisty mountain road in Oregon.

State makes battle plan for toxic algae

During the past summer, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment tracked toxic blue-green algal blooms in more than 40 lakes and ponds.

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Household Hazards: Are you disposing of them properly?
May 28, 2011
Tom Hogan is thankful every time someone makes an appointment to drop off items at the Lawrence Douglas County Household Hazardous Waste Facility, which is west of 23rd Street and Haskell Avenue.
Lawrence residents drop off hundreds of items at electronics recycling event at Free State High School
May 15, 2011
Lawrence residents by the hundreds said goodbye to giant console televisions, microwaves and computers from a different era Saturday at Free State High School.
Week full of events honoring Earth Day
April 18, 2011
Whether you’re looking to get your hands dirty or to expand your mind with a film, lecture or concert, there are a number of opportunities to celebrate Earth Day this year. Officially Earth Day isn’t until Friday, but Lawrence organizations will host events throughout the week. Here’s how to participate:
More than a thousand celebrate Earth Day in South Park
April 16, 2011
More than a thousand people came to Saturday’s Earth Day Celebration, which had about 75 earth-friendly booths lined up in South Park. “This is the largest crowd we have seen in the afternoon,” said organizer Kathy Richardson, who is head of the city of Lawrence’s waste reduction and recycling operations. “The weather is perfect.”
Expert outlines energy challenges, calls for less simplistic approach
April 15, 2011
When John Hofmeister talks about what is wrong with the country’s energy system, he points to the Democratic and Republican conventions of 2008. While one side chanted “no more coal” the other was cheering “drill, baby, drill.” That, Hofmeister said, is indicative of the simplicity with which we have addressed the problems facing our nation’s complicated energy system.
Cans for Community sets 5,000-pound collection goal for April
April 15, 2011
The convergence of Earth Day and a high price for aluminum has the volunteers at Cans for the Community setting the bar high for collections this month. The organization, which gives the proceeds from recycling cans to local charities, hopes to collect 5,000 pounds of cans this month. The amount is far more than what has been collected in the past.
Three Lawrence schools win grants for composting programs
April 14, 2011
The Kansas Department of Health and Environment announced today that three Lawrence schools have received $1,875 in grants for a composting program.
Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback promotes three E’s of energy policy at KU Energy Conference
April 14, 2011
Kansas Gov. Brownback stressed the need to balance the three E’s of energy, environment and economy. On Thursday morning, Brownback addressed a crowd of Kansas University students, energy researchers and industry experts at The Oread Hotel as part of the KU Energy Conference.
KDHE says grassland burns in Flint Hills sent ozone levels above national pollution standards
April 14, 2011
The Kansas Department of Health and Environment says grassland burning in the Flint Hills sent ozone levels above national pollution standards in several areas this month.
Lawrence’s Earth Day Celebration set for Saturday
April 13, 2011
Each year, Lawrence residents arrive at South Park by the hundreds to celebrate Earth Day. From making sure you are properly attired to helping you find ways to be a little more earth-friendly, we provide these tips to help make the most of the day.
Wind turbine could generate power and educational tools at Eudora High School
April 13, 2011
When Eudora High School math teacher Scott Keltner teaches his students how to calculate rates next semester, he hopes to be standing in front of a wind turbine next to the school’s football field. This month, the school received the final sign-off from the city of Eudora to build the turbine. Now, it’s just a matter of raising the funds to cover the cost of installing it.
Lawrence lagging behind Manhattan in Take Charge Challenge
April 12, 2011
If a sports announcer were broadcasting the Take Charge Challenge competition, here’s what you’d likely hear: “At the bottom of the first quarter, Lawrence is trailing Manhattan 2 to 1. The Little Apple’s done a fine job of reaching out to students, homeowners and local businesses. If River City wants to win it, they’ve got to increase their focus on switching out incandescent light bulbs and post better numbers at community events. There’s a lot on the line here, folks.”


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