Kansas and regional news

KU one of four civilian universities chosen for Army-business seminar
March 26, 2015
Kansas University’s School of Business has been chosen as one of four civilian universities in the country to provide a “strategic broadening seminar” for U.S. Army officers, warrant officers, senior noncommissioned officers and civilians, KU recently announced. 
Cuts in financial aid for public institution students may be deeper than expected
03:31 p.m., March 26, 2015 Updated 10:50 p.m.
Students attending independent private colleges and universities may get as much as 84 percent of the need-based grants funded by the state under a budget bill passed by the Kansas Senate this week. But the wording in the legislation is not clear. By Peter Hancock
Plaintiffs seek to block new Kansas school funding plan
01:31 p.m., March 26, 2015 Updated 10:52 p.m.
Plaintiffs in an ongoing school finance case asked a three-judge panel in Topeka on Thursday to block implementation of a new school funding plan that Gov. Sam Brownback signed into law Wednesday. By Peter Hancock
Kansas moving closer to issuing $1B or more in pension bonds
07:44 a.m., March 26, 2015 Updated 10:51 p.m.
Kansas is moving closer to issuing $1 billion or more in bonds to bolster its pension system for teachers and government workers.
Kansas man charged in playground disturbance that hurt kids
March 26, 2015
A 20-year-old man is accused of endangering more than a dozen children and injuring three of them during a playground incident in the Kansas City suburb of Lenexa.
Kansas appeals voter citizenship lawsuit to US Supreme Court
March 26, 2015
Kansas and Arizona have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to force federal elections officials to require residents of their states to prove their U.S. citizenship before registering to vote.
KU receives grant to study student information systems
March 26, 2015
Kansas University is looking to see whether the software that public schools use to track student information is being used effectively.
Kansas Senate passes budget that includes cuts to KU and student financial aid
08:10 p.m., March 25, 2015 Updated 10:10 p.m.
The Senate budget bill includes a $9.4 million cut in funding for the Lawrence campus of Kansas University. It also changes the way state-funded student financial aid is allocated that will result in public institutions losing $5.3 million in funding, or about 3,521 fewer students receiving aid. Senate Republican leaders say the bill is only a starting point for negotiations with the House. By Peter Hancock
Kansas Senate rejects bill on teacher contracts
03:41 p.m., March 25, 2015 Updated 07:47 a.m.
The Kansas Senate rejected a bill that would make it easier for teachers to be fired, marking a rare defeat for a conservative bill in the GOP-dominated chamber as legislators churned through a loaded agenda Wednesday.
Kansas wild bird populations weathering avian influenza
11:14 a.m., March 25, 2015 Updated 03:40 p.m.
Wild bird populations in Kansas appear to be unaffected by an outbreak of avian influenza, although one wild goose suspected of having the disease has been tested for it, the state’s wildlife disease official said Wednesday.
Kansas House approves bill to limit greenhouse gas emissions
09:19 a.m., March 25, 2015 Updated 10:13 p.m.
The Kansas House has approved a bill requiring the state to draft a plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from power plants but allowing legislators to have a say in its contents.
Kansas to join states allowing concealed guns without permit
09:18 a.m., March 25, 2015 Updated 07:37 a.m.
Kansas is poised to join a handful of other states that allow their residents to carry concealed firearms without a permit after the Legislature gave final approval Wednesday to a bill backed by the National Rifle Association.
Kansas set for 1st ban on a 2nd trimester abortion procedure
09:17 a.m., March 25, 2015 Updated 07:38 a.m.
Kansas legislators Wednesday approved a proposed ban on a common second-trimester procedure described by abortion opponents as dismembering a fetus, making their state the first to adopt a national group’s model policy.
Bill lists grounds for impeaching Kansas high court justices
March 24, 2015
A proposal has been introduced in the Kansas Senate to spell out grounds for impeaching state Supreme Court justices, and the list includes attempting to usurp the Legislature’s authority.
Senate advances bill to keep successful candidates on ballot after primary
March 24, 2015
The bill was proposed by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to address controversy in last year’s elections, when Democrat Chad Taylor withdrew from the U.S. Senate race. By Peter Hancock
New school finance plan draws guarded support
05:19 p.m., March 24, 2015 Updated 09:57 p.m.
A bill that would phase in a new kind of school finance formula over the next three years drew guarded support from some school districts and surprising interest from some education groups during a legislative committee hearing Tuesday. By Peter Hancock
Kansas House advances bill on EPA emissions plan
02:47 p.m., March 24, 2015 Updated 10:05 p.m.
The Kansas House has advanced a bill to set up a greenhouse gas reduction plan.
Kansas Senate approves plan to control mental health drugs
March 24, 2015
The Kansas Senate has approved a new proposal for controlling the cost of mental health drugs in the state’s Medicaid program.
House advances bill to reduce civil service protections
08:35 a.m., March 24, 2015 Updated 10:04 p.m.
A bill that would potentially shrink civil service protections for some employees has advanced in the Kansas House.