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Fate of man who jumped from jail window still unknown
July 4, 2014
State and federal officials this week were unable to say whatever happened to Alberto Contreras Gonzalez, who left Kansas University Hospital holding a nearly $140,000 medical bill. His case was the subject of a recent Kansas Supreme Court ruling. By Peter Hancock
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Bedbugs found in Kansas state office building
December 18, 2014
Kansas officials say bedbugs have been found inside a state office building near the Statehouse targeted for demolition.
Brownback rejects Salina newspaper records request for 3rd time
01:14 p.m., December 17, 2014 Updated 05:28 p.m.
The Kansas governor’s office insists that the public doesn’t have the right to know who it’s considering to fill two new positions on the Saline County Commission.
US, Cuba patch torn relations in historic accord
10:24 a.m., December 17, 2014 Updated 02:46 p.m.
President Barack Obama abruptly announced the U.S. is re-establishing long-broken diplomatic relations with Cuba on Wednesday, declaring an end to America’s “outdated approach” to the communist island in a historic shift aimed at ending a half-century of Cold War enmity.
Action on Topeka’s Heartland Park plans delayed until 2015
December 17, 2014
The future of Heartland Park Topeka will be in limbo until at least early next year.
New Kansas House minority leader appoints chief of staff from Lawrence
December 17, 2014
New Kansas House Minority Leader Tom Burroughs has filled three staff positions.
KCC approves Chanute public broadband proposal
09:34 a.m., December 17, 2014 Updated 10:19 a.m.
The Kansas Corporation Commission has approved the city of Chanute’s request to issue bonds that will allow it to buy equipment and extend ultra-high speed Internet service to area homes and small businesses.
Black Hills gets approval from KCC for rates increase
December 16, 2014
Black Hills Energy announced Tuesday it received approval from the Kansas Corporation Commission on an agreement that allows the company to increase its rates by 4.8 percent.
USGS: High Plains Aquifer groundwater declining
01:02 p.m., December 16, 2014 Updated 01:31 p.m.
Groundwater levels are declining in an aquifer that serves parts of Kansas and seven other states, according to a new report by the U.S. Geological Survey.
Koch gives $11.25 million to Wichita State
December 16, 2014
Wichita State University will receive an $11.5 million donation from Koch Industries and the Fred and Mary Koch Foundation.
Sheriff’s Office: 1st-grader brought gun to Topeka school
December 16, 2014
The Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office says a first-grade student brought a loaded handgun to school but didn’t display it or make any threats.
Kansas updates fish consumption advisory
December 15, 2014
State health officials warn people to limit consumption of fish caught in certain lakes and rivers in Kansas, including the Kansas River between Lawrence and Eudora, because of contamination. The list is updated annually. This year, two bodies of water have been taken off the advisory list. By Peter Hancock
South-central Kansas mom taken into custody after boy killed in home
December 15, 2014
A south-central Kansas woman has been taken into custody on suspicion that she killed her 10-year-old son.
Salina newspaper in open records fight with state
December 15, 2014
Kansas can avoid litigation if the governor’s office follows the state’s open records laws and releases the name of candidates seeking one of two new seats on the Saline County Commission, a newspaper publisher said this week.
New state division formed to fight cattle theft
December 15, 2014
The state of Kansas is creating a new investigative unit to combat an increase in cattle theft.
ACLU chapters focusing on hot-button issues
December 15, 2014
American Civil Liberties Union officials say they have begun a new and more aggressive effort to intervene in Missouri and Kansas over highly public issues like same-sex marriage, privacy and police policy.
New court, dental programs to help mentally ill
11:28 a.m., December 15, 2014 Updated 12:22 p.m.
Two new programs in Topeka will provide court and dental services to some people in Topeka who are suffering from mental illness, beginning in January.
Brownback: It’s up to Legislature to cut budget
December 14, 2014
A new budget report released this week says Gov. Sam Brownback’s plan for balancing the current fiscal year’s budget will only add to next year’s budget problems, creating a $648 million hole in fiscal year 2016. That’s because most of what Brownback recommended only involves transfers of money between various funds and not actual spending cuts. But in an interview this week, Brownback defended his plan and said the Legislature needs to be involved in making actual cuts. By Peter Hancock
New Kansas insurance regulator: Focus on market
December 14, 2014
The accountant and industry executive taking over as Kansas’ top insurance regulator next month says creating a more robust market is a top goal and argues that greater competition will address problems with the federal health care overhaul.
Atkins diet co-author sentenced to 41 months
December 12, 2014
A Kansas obesity specialist who co-authored the “Atkins Diabetes Revolution” has been sentenced to three years and five months in federal prison for tax evasion, the U.S. attorney’s office announced Friday.