Tom Keegan

Column: Sanders’ memory honored
April 24, 2015
Lawrence High head baseball coach Brad Stoll and assistant Adam Green put a photograph of one player from every Lions team on what they call their “Wall of Fame.”
Column: SFA senior says new KU women’s coach discourages ‘robots’
April 23, 2015
Most coaches, by nature, are control freaks: “Go here. Don’t go there. Do this. Don’t do that.” Almost to a man, coaches who have worked with male and female basketball players say that women follow instruction better. New Kansas University women’s basketball coach Brandon Schneider said it Tuesday at his colorful introductory news conference. By Tom Keegan
Column: Blame Weis for ’15 struggles
April 20, 2015
So little depth at so many positions combined with a brutal schedule puts the Kansas University football team in danger of going 0-12 in 2015. By Tom Keegan
Column: Shot put circuit perfect for TV
April 18, 2015
Five years of interviewing shot putters and watching them compete sparked a light bulb in my head, a genuinely good idea, one I’m putting down on paper here before it dies of loneliness or gets trampled by the debris that flies around up there in stops and starts, billions of tumbleweeds caught in that ceaseless wind storm between my left and right ears.
Column: Downtown event made for Hoffa
April 16, 2015
Just about everything in life has a face. Here, Bill Self is the face of basketball, Jim Ryun the face of the mile, Mike Amyx, barber shears in hand, the face of Lawrence politics.
Column: Perry Ellis’ return huge for KU
April 16, 2015
Now that Perry Ellis has eased tension about next season’s outlook by announcing his return, the Kansas University basketball program has one necessity and one luxury remaining. By Tom Keegan
Column: Shot putter says street sweet
April 14, 2015
Late-blooming, world-class shot put athlete Kurt Roberts has competed all over the world, thanks to his ability to launch a 16-pound lead ball long distances. His favorite venue? The Kansas Relays Downtown Shot Put. By Tom Keegan
Column: Older Turgeon right fit for KU women
April 12, 2015
The more I learn about Iowa Western Community College basketball coach Jim Turgeon, the more I think he is the right fit to succeed Bonnie Henrickson to lead Kansas University’s women’s basketball program. By Tom Keegan
Column: Coaching secondary at Kansas presents challenge
April 10, 2015
Both starting safeties are gone, as are cornerbacks JaCorey Shepherd and Dexter McDonald, both potential NFL draft picks. And a pile of fast-paced Big 12 football offenses will be eager to run up scores to impress the selection committee that chooses the four schools that will vie for the national title.
Column: Cliff Alexander proof system flawed
April 9, 2015
I feel sorry for Cliff Alexander. By Tom Keegan
Column: Skilled Duke, UW deserve to be in title showdown
April 5, 2015
It can’t be anything but good for college basketball that two of the top three most-efficient offensive teams in the nation, per rankings, play for the national title tonight in Indiana. By Tom Keegan
Column: KU makes dependable receivers a priority
April 2, 2015
The No. 1 required quality for success in coaching is the ability to communicate clearly. After all, coaching is nothing if not teaching
Column: Top-flight quarterback may not be enough for Kansas
April 2, 2015
Many a football season the mind naturally drifted to the same question: If Kansas University just had a good quarterback, how many more victories could it squeeze out of its brutal schedule?
Column: Jayhawks in no hurry for hiring women’s coach
March 31, 2015
Sheahon Zenger wants to get it right, even if that means the naming of Kansas University’s next women’s basketball coach might not happen for another fortnight, even longer.
Column: Kansas hurdler Stigler blazing early
March 31, 2015
Kansas University’s Michael Stigler posted a personal-record 48.44, best time in the world in 2015 and the best time for anybody in any college meet since 2011. Researchers are in the midst of trying to find a faster March time in a college meet. So far, nothing. By Tom Keegan


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