Tom Keegan

Column: Jayhawks in no hurry for hiring women’s coach
March 31, 2015
Sheahon Zenger wants to get it right, even if that means the naming of Kansas University’s next women’s basketball coach might not happen for another fortnight, even longer.
Column: Kansas hurdler Stigler blazing early
March 31, 2015
Kansas University’s Michael Stigler posted a personal-record 48.44, best time in the world in 2015 and the best time for anybody in any college meet since 2011. Researchers are in the midst of trying to find a faster March time in a college meet. So far, nothing. By Tom Keegan
Column: Coleman could be best bet at WR
March 29, 2015
Signs of spring: Flowers budding, birds chirping louder, the scent of fresh-cut grass floating in the breeze and jaws dropping watching Kansas University wide receiver Rodriguez Coleman, long, lean and, above all, fast. By Tom Keegan
Column: KU football focus must be to trend upward
March 29, 2015
The Kansas University cornerback got burned, and the receiver had nothing but air between him and the end zone during Saturday morning’s spring football practice. That happens. The cornerback stopped running. That won’t happen again, unless he wants to be caught in the middle of a vise of incensed coaches one more time. By Tom Keegan
Column: NCAA needs to fight back
March 26, 2015
The one-and-done rule, a one-way street in favor of the NBA, has flattened college basketball’s nose, and it’s time for a counter-punch. By Tom Keegan
Column: Jayhawks working with what they’ve got this spring
March 24, 2015
Such good weather leading up to the first day of spring football practice and then Tuesday arrives and wham. Gray skies. A brief appearance of the sun. Heavy rain. Two different hail storms. A brief blast of thunder and lightning.
Column: KU’s 2015-’16 outlook uncertain
March 23, 2015
The malaise in the aftermath of Kansas University’s two other recent NCAA Tournament losses to schools from the Missouri Valley Conference feels different this time. By Tom Keegan
Column: Wichita State’s veterans prove to be difference-makers
March 22, 2015
The song remains the same in the Kansas University locker room on the day it gets knocked out of the NCAA tournament. This year, that day came Sunday when a veteran, unflappable Wichita State squad defeated Kansas, 78-65, in the round of 32 at CenturyLink Center. By Tom Keegan
Column: Two Jayhawks Shocker-like
March 21, 2015
Accomplished Wichita State basketball coach Gregg Marshall tried to assume the role coaches enjoy during the buildup to monster games such as the one his Shockers play today against Kansas University. It didn’t quite fit this time. By Tom Keegan
Column: Frank Mason once again plays bigger than a point guard
March 20, 2015
The Kansas University basketball team took the CenturyLink Center court for the second round of pre-game warmups Friday morning, meaning it was time for New Mexico State’s players to all go to the other end of the floor. Kansas point guard Fearless Frank Mason III, a 5-foot-11 giant, stopped for an instant, locked his big eyes on one of the Aggies’ tallest players and gave him the icy glare typically seen at the center of the ring when boxers receive instructions. If Mason’s glare had lips, perhaps they would have formed the words, “I’m going to play bigger than you.” By Tom Keegan
Column: Big 12 needs big comeback
March 20, 2015
Down goes Iowa State. Down goes Baylor. Down goes Texas. Just a bad day for the Big 12, or a good day to stop referring to it as the best basketball conference in the country? Both. By Tom Keegan
Column: WSU holds at least one tourney edge
March 17, 2015
The experience factor tends to favor the school that didn’t land big-name high school recruits, and it’s no exception here. Even in the area of NCAA Tournament experience, the Shockers have a big advantage. By Tom Keegan
Column: KU vs. WSU? Yes, please
March 16, 2015
Conspiracy theorists will have a blast with insisting the NCAA Tournament selection committee rigged a potential third-round matchup between Wichita State, which wants to play Kansas University, and the Jayhawks, who won’t play the Shockers. By Tom Keegan
Column: KU’s stars still haven’t aligned
March 14, 2015
The stars on the preseason magazine cover still haven’t aligned for the Kansas University basketball team. When Perry Ellis emerged as a strong candidate for Big 12 Player of the Year honors, the guy laying bricks wasn’t the one named Mason. It was Wayne Selden Jr. Things changed for both Ellis and Selden this week, with the start of the postseason. By Tom Keegan
Column: Jayhawks back to winning games with rugged defense
March 13, 2015
When a young basketball player starts to talk like his coach, applies his standards, sees every blemish in the mirror, that usually is a sign of better days on the horizon. It means a team knows what it is and isn’t and knows what it will take to get the job done. By Tom Keegan


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