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Propaganda not the same as news
November 10, 2010
It is seldom a good thing when the news becomes the news.
Do Florida fans love Meyer’s personality?
November 10, 2010
Every year at this time, before the “new” ballcoach plays the ol’ ballcoach, we always try to draw comparisons between the two greatest coaches in University of Florida history.
Fayyad’s focus: Palestinian statehood
November 9, 2010
Serious efforts to revive Israeli-Palestinian peace talks have been on hold until after the U.S. elections. Both sides thought President Obama couldn’t focus on the peace process until then, although people here are debating whether he will engage more deeply after his party’s electoral losses.
Michigan representative is a freshman, not a rookie
November 9, 2010
Rep.-elect Bill Huizenga, is a freshman Republican congressman who will assume the seat held for 18 years by Rep. Peter Hoekstra. Their Western Michigan district is mostly Republican, white, and Protestant.
San Francisco World Series celebration parade a party for the ages
November 4, 2010
The jubilant San Francisco Giants paraded down a euphoric Market Street on Wednesday and Owen Creese of San Jose absolutely had to be there. After all, like so many in the throng, he’d waited his whole life to see the Giants crowned champions and celebrate in a giddy love-fest amid a shower of ticker tape.
A look back at the MLB postseason
November 3, 2010
Long after Brian Wilson fired a slider past Nelson Cruz for the final out in the Giants’ 3-1 victory, fans lingered near both dugouts at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.
Giant party in McCovey Cove
October 29, 2010
Things are a little crazy out here on the water to begin with, and then the water polo team shows up, dragging along a floating goal. Hey McHale, I think I found your navy.
Bay Area, Texas link continues
October 27, 2010
We’re going to mess with Texas. Again. Our Bay Area sports teams often turn to the Lone Star state for a major breakthrough, creating some of our greatest memories.
Give Big Three and Miami Heat time to warm up
October 27, 2010
Hours before Tuesday night’s historic Miami Heat season-opener, Dwyane Wade’s new commercial for Nike’s Jordan brand began airing nationally, with Wade portraying a superhero performing impossible, daredevil stunts on a motorcycle. The spot ends with him, saying, “Now THIS, my friends, gonna be fun!”
Pressure’s on Colts defense against Chiefs
October 10, 2010
You might recognize this Indianapolis Colts defense. They’re the ones over there with their backs against the wall.
Michigan’s Denard Robinson faces tougher test vs. Michigan State
October 8, 2010
Denard Robinson, as the nation knows, will not be bound by shoelaces. Defenses are another story. We’ll find out Saturday — in the showdown between the Wolverines and Spartans — if a tougher opponent means the end of Robinson’s pinball numbers. Or if Michigan State is just another pair of flippers from which the kid will ping, fling and zing.
Life’s a giant struggle for KU coach
October 4, 2010
Turner Gill might have achieved the impossible when he posted a winning record at Buffalo, but the job he’s in now might be harder than that.
Lee Westwood leads way for Europe at Ryder Cup
October 1, 2010
The British have a marvelous way with words. Journalist Oliver Brown has written that England’s Lee Westwood is “golf’s perpetual nearly man.” Truth is so much better when it is also lyrical.
Ali returns to where it all began
September 24, 2010
Muhammad Ali returned to the place where he became Muhammad Ali. He came home to the 5th Street Gym.
Kenny McKinley’s suicide difficult to comprehend
September 22, 2010
We will never know what led Kenny McKinley to take his 23-year-old life Monday evening in Denver. What we do know is that McKinley led a life that left a lasting impression, a life that should not soon be forgotten.

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