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Baseball must stop draft nepotism
June 10, 2011
Ozzie Guillen was the White Sox shortstop in 1993 when the team mocked the Major League Baseball draft in historical fashion in using its 43rd-round choice on then-general manager Ron Schueler’s daughter, Carey, the first woman ever selected.
Terrelle Pryor knows NCAA will find more dirt
June 8, 2011
Terrelle Pryor saw no reason to prolong the agony.
Toms cries again — this time, for joy
May 23, 2011
When his putt dropped on 18, David Toms pumped his fists. Then he cried.
Na’s one-hole score of 16 gives all golfers hope
April 22, 2011
Admit it, duffers, Kevin Na is your new hero.
Oklahoma can’t wait for the fall
April 17, 2011
Bob Stoops paused at the door to the Switzer Center auditorium/meeting room Tuesday, turning back to members of the media assembled for the twice-weekly interview opportunity during Oklahoma spring training.
Augusta roars now for McIlroy
April 10, 2011
The roar engulfed Tiger Woods as he walked up the final fairway, but he never smiled, never touched his cap, never even looked up, and how could he? The cheers were not for him. The cheers were for the next him.
Final Four outcome unpredictable
April 2, 2011
Connecticut freshman guard Jeremy Lamb recently was struck with this thought: “Man, I can’t believe we’re in the Final Four.”
NCAA justice speedy when it wants to be
March 11, 2011
The story of ineligible freshman Perry Jones III lost its immediate news urgency with Baylor’s early exit Wednesday in the Phillips 66 Big 12 Championship.
Tar Heels contender for title
March 6, 2011
The ACC has another national-title contender, and it isn’t the defending national champions.
Clarity sought on military spending
February 13, 2011
Tall, affable Buck McKeon sits, gavel in hand, at the turbulent intersection of two conflicting Republican tendencies. The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee embodies the party’s support for a “strong” defense, which is sometimes measured simply by the size of the Pentagon’s budget. But the 35 Republicans on his 62-member committee include 13 first-term legislators, some of whom embody the tea party’s zeal for cutting government spending.
Team owner has double standard
February 13, 2011
Dan Snyder is offended. The source of his ire is the Washington City Paper, published weekly in the nation’s capital. Last November, the paper ran a less-than-flattering piece on Snyder, owner of the town’s god-awful football team. It depicted him as a bungling, meddling cheapskate and laid blame for the god-awfulness right at his feet.
Stanford QB Andrew Luck sets good example
January 14, 2011
During my time as president of West Virginia University, our quarterback was a young man named Oliver Luck.
Raiders’ Tom Cable has earned another chance
January 3, 2011
The Oakland Raiders returned to relevancy this season, and coach Tom Cable finally won me over in the process.
TCU’s speed, Wisconsin’s size meet today
January 1, 2011
The toughest part comes, TCU senior safety Colin Jones said, on the day before the game. That’s when the nation’s No. 1-ranked defense finds itself in a darkened room … alone … with laser-pointer-wielding head coach Gary Patterson.
Rare buzz around Rams this week
December 17, 2010
There was a distinct buzz under the big roof at Rams Park’s indoor practice facility Thursday, an uncommon feeling that used to be so commonplace in Earth City. It was the buzz of the Big Game. It was that unmistakable sense that the Rams were preparing to play a game with “must win” connotations.

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