Ryan Wood

Wood: Cornish, Keith win ‘Woodys’
November 28, 2005
Time for the first annual Woody Awards, a never-to-be prestigious honor for Kansas University football players and their athletic achievements.
Wood: Big play will decide if KU goes bowling
November 25, 2005
By now, the most up-to-date bowl projections actually come with a free prediction of Saturday’s Kansas University-Iowa State football game.
Wood: Kansas stinks on tube
November 14, 2005
Tales from Texas, where everything’s bigger (including margin of victory, apparently).
Wood: KU headed to Fort Worth, other bowl picks
November 8, 2005
Number crunching. Schedule examining. Hoop jumping. A whole heck of a lot of guessing.
Wood: Leave posts alone
October 31, 2005
Quick: What do frozen burritos, a Top-40 song, a dog who loves to play fetch and running onto the field to tear down goal posts have in common?
Wood: Answers found on road
October 24, 2005
Day 37 of the 42 days away from Lawrence for Kansas University football games. I’m tired. I hate airports. I hate rental cars, and I lost my wallet in Boulder, Colo., somewhere between Outback Steakhouse and Pearl Street. And I’m not even one of those taking the pad-crunching hits.
Wood: KU must pay heed to Reid
October 17, 2005
When I heard Nick Reid’s comments toward his Kansas University football teammates Saturday - particularly his offensive teammates - I’ll admit my eyebrows raised to the top of my skull.
Wood: Peterson again key for KU
October 10, 2005
The gameplan was so innovative, it was a full year too early. Stop Oklahoma? Simple - just stop Adrian Peterson.
Wood: Move kickers back
October 3, 2005
Touchback. Is there any word more disappointing in the language of football?
Wood: Big 12 North unsettled
September 19, 2005
Three weeks into the college football season, has anything been determined regarding anyone in the Big 12 North?
Wood: Offense creates buzz
September 12, 2005
Cleaning out Saturday’s notebook, trying desperately to decipher some of the slop I actually thought was legible at the time I wrote it: ยข Who would’ve thought? Filing out of Memorial Stadium on Saturday, some spectators who witnessed Kansas University’s 36-8 football victory over Appalachian State actually were excited about the Jayhawks’ offense.
Wood: Meier’s ailment a mystery
September 5, 2005
In July, after the tragic death of Missouri University football player Aaron O’Neal, I went on a pursuit for information about what Kansas University does to protect its student-athletes from potential health hazards.
Wood: Hogwash — Barmann gives KU best chance
And the nod goes to …
August 17, 2005
Kansas University football coach Mark Mangino is searching and searching for that guy, an intelligent, gritty quarterback who can throw and run and make all the right decisions when an animal of a linebacker is ready to knock him silly.
The one that got away
Wood: Reid still haunted by missed tackle
July 24, 2005
Why in the world is Nick Reid remembered for this one play?


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