Chuck Woodling

Czyz’s decision pays off
August 23, 2009
He was without doubt the greatest closer in Kansas University baseball history.
Haskell deserves a hug
August 18, 2009
Eric Brock has done an admirable job as coach of Haskell’s football team.
Baker football has reason for optimism
August 11, 2009
Baker University has the league’s offensive player of the year back in tailback Richie Bryant. And the Wildcats have a four-year starter returning in quarterback Mack Brown.
Royals: little bang for bucks
August 4, 2009
A look at the Royals’ roster players in order of their annual salaries.
James dismisses ’roid rage
July 28, 2009
Baseball guru Bill James says the use of performance-enhancing drugs should mean “virtually nothing” in the debate about who gets into the Hall of Fame.
Woody quirky paradise
July 21, 2009
When I read that Lawrence Memorial Hospital covets Woody Park for additional parking, the news conjured up that iconic line from the Joni Mitchell song.
San Francisco entertaining, but Kauffman’s better
July 16, 2009
Supposedly Mark Twain once quipped that the coldest winter he ever saw was the summer he spent in San Francisco.
Mitchell had many talents
July 7, 2009
He’s the only Kansas football coach ever tendered a “lifetime” contract. During his tenure (1958-66), Memorial Stadium was expanded twice.
When will KU go retro?
July 5, 2009
Pro baseball teams do it. So do pro football teams. Why not college football teams, too?
Holcom honorees deserving
June 30, 2009
Not too long ago, a sign was placed on the chain-link fence behind home plate on the northwest diamond at Holcom Complex.
The more things change…
June 23, 2009
There I was walking along the new expansive concourse behind the iconic fountains at Kauffman Stadium when I wondered, for no particular reason, about an abstract number. How many fans, do you suppose, are not in their seats at one time at the renovated home of the Royals?
Frederick generous, respected
June 16, 2009
It must seem like everyone on the Journal-World sports staff has written something about Bob Frederick since his tragic death in that bicycle accident late last week.
Freddy exuded class
June 13, 2009
To Kansas University student-athletes, he was Dr. Frederick. Others simply called him Dr. Bob. But to his friends — and that includes many of us media-types — he was simply Freddy.
June’s hot topics
June 10, 2009
Notes, more notes and a few comments while wondering how many autographs Bill Self signs annually. …
Lions lucky, talented
June 1, 2009
Looking back on Lawrence High’s run to the state baseball title.

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