State budget

Revenue Secretary Jordan says income tax cuts are key to budget deadlock
04:24 p.m., May 31, 2013 Updated 06:55 p.m.
Kansas Secretary of Revenue Nick Jordan on Friday urged House Republicans to stay focused on reducing state income taxes even if that means increasing the state sales tax. “We’re part of history here this session,” Jordan said. “The country is watching what we are doing in Topeka,” he said. By Scott Rothschild
House rejects another tax increase, negotiations to continue
May 30, 2013
Another day, another proposed tax increase shot down in the House. This one, which would have raised taxes nearly $700 million over 5 years, was the product of a mini-revolt among Republicans and died Thursday on an 18-94 vote. By Scott Rothschild
Freshmen Republicans in the House don’t like options provided so far from their leaders
May 29, 2013
A bumper crop of freshmen House Republicans are getting antsy about being told to increase taxes to provide revenue because of last year’s deep tax cuts that were approved before they ran for office. By Scott Rothschild
Another tax increase bites the dust in the House; Democrats call for end to session
May 28, 2013
The Kansas House on Tuesday rejected an $857 million tax increase, throwing the overtime session into further turmoil. By Scott Rothschild
Kansas Legislature returns to face tax, budget decisions
May 27, 2013
The current legislative session is tied into knots over taxes and spending because legislators are trying to unravel what a Republican majority led by Gov. Sam Brownback did last year. By Scott Rothschild
Proposed cuts to corrections system could endanger Kansans, secretary says
May 24, 2013
The head of the state prison system said Friday that proposed budget cuts being considered by the Legislature could jeopardize the safety of Kansans. By Scott Rothschild
House Republican leaders propose 1.5 percent cut to higher education for each of next two fiscal years
May 21, 2013
Budgets for the state’s public universities, including Kansas University, would be cut 1.5 percent for each of the next two fiscal years under a deal approved by Republican budget leaders on Tuesday. By Scott Rothschild
KU makes sudden change in Statehouse presence
May 20, 2013
In the middle of a crucial fight in the Legislature over proposed budget cuts to higher education, Kansas University officials have changed their strategy in the Statehouse — and the lobbyist leading it. By Scott Rothschild
Legislative negotiations break down amid Republican in-fighting
May 17, 2013
Budget and tax negotiations broke down in the Legislature on Friday, prompting another round of Republican in-fighting before legislators went home, guaranteeing that the wrap-up session would extend into another week. By Scott Rothschild
Higher education funding back at the forefront; Republican leaders still negotiating budget and taxes
11:29 a.m., May 16, 2013 Updated 09:42 p.m.
Key budget negotiators on Friday sought to cut funding to higher education, but couldn’t agree on how much. House and Senate Republicans were trying to resolve budget differences in the next day or two in an effort to wrap up the 2013 legislative session. By Scott Rothschild
Conservatives at odds over budget, taxes as wrap-up session drags on
May 14, 2013
Kansas’ elected leaders may describe themselves as conservative Republicans, but, at this point, they aren’t getting along, and that means the state’s budget and tax system remained up in the air Tuesday as the 2013 wrap-up session dragged on. By Scott Rothschild
Regents waiting on budget negotiations before taking up tuition proposals
May 10, 2013
One of the major duties of the Kansas Board of Regents is to set tuition and fees at the state universities. But that process will be delayed if Gov. Sam Brownback and the Kansas Legislature don’t come to an agreement soon on the state budget. By Scott Rothschild
Brownback proposes using bioscience funds to pay for adult stem cell center at KU
April 29, 2013
Gov. Sam Brownback on Monday released a budget amendment that includes funding for a new adult stem cell center at the Kansas University Medical Center.
KU officials dispute cash balance list circulated by House Republican leaders who want to cut higher ed
April 24, 2013
House Republican leaders who are calling for higher education to take a 4 percent state budget cut say that public universities are sitting on $422 million in various funds that could be redirected to pay for other expenses. But Kansas University officials on Wednesday disputed the meaning of the cash balance list circulated by top GOP officials in the House. By Scott Rothschild
Brownback administration cites more savings from KanCare, wants to use funds for those with disabilities
April 19, 2013
Gov. Sam Brownback’s administration on Friday announced that its recent privatization of Medicaid is saving more than expected, and it wants to use those savings to provide services to people with disabilities and help pay for a new education building at the Kansas University Medical Center. By Scott Rothschild