State budget

Budget containing 4 percent cut to higher education gains preliminary approval
March 19, 2013
With only Republican votes, the House on Tuesday gave preliminary approval to a budget that would cut higher education by 4 percent, keep public school funding flat and reduce dollars in numerous other areas of state spending. By Scott Rothschild
Higher education officials say budget cuts would hurt research, state economy, students
March 18, 2013
Higher education officials on Monday said a proposed cap on salaries and wages and a 4 percent budget cut would hurt research, the Kansas economy and increase student tuition. By Scott Rothschild
House budget committee proposes holding funding to current levels for wages and salaries for higher education
March 13, 2013
The House budget writing committee has proposed more cuts to higher education that would hold the amount of funding for salaries and wages to the current level for two years. By Scott Rothschild
Republican budget writers propose 4 percent across-the-board cut to higher education
March 12, 2013
Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee approved a 4 percent cut in state funding to higher education. The proposed reduction would total $29.2 million, including a cut at Kansas University of nearly $10 million. By Scott Rothschild.
House Appropriations Committee whittles down Brownback’s budget plan on higher education by $16 million
March 11, 2013
Republicans on the House budget committee on Friday approved a recommendation that would cut $16 million in higher education funding from Gov. Sam Brownback’s proposal. By Scott Rothschild
House panel endorses Brownback’s higher ed budget, including funds for KU Med Center building
February 25, 2013
The House Appropriations Committee on Monday endorsed Gov. Sam Brownback’s higher education budget, but several committee members voiced disapproval about spending levels at public universities. By Scott Rothschild
KU Medical Center under the budget knife; committee removes $10 million for health education building
February 18, 2013
A Senate committee Monday cut $10 million that was proposed in the Kansas University budget to help start construction of a new $75 million health education building at the KU Medical Center. By Scott Rothschild
Legislators face dilemma: tax increases or budget cuts
February 18, 2013
Because of income tax cuts they approved last year, the state treasury is projected to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in a relatively short period of time. So this year, Gov. Sam Brownback is proposing “pay fors” to balance the state budget. But these “pay fors” are proving unpopular among Brownback’s Republican colleagues because they are tax increases. By Scott Rothschild
Brownback stands by $10 million commitment to KU Medical Center
February 14, 2013
Gov. Sam Brownback on Thursday defended his proposal to commit the state to jump-starting construction of a health education building at Kansas University Medical Center, and indicated he wasn’t worried that a Senate subcommittee had cut the funding. By Scott Rothschild.
Statehouse Live: Budget subcommittee cuts KU Med Center proposal, recommends audit of KU
04:49 p.m., February 12, 2013 Updated 06:51 p.m.
A Senate budget subcommittee on Tuesday recommended a $10 million cut in Kansas University’s proposed budget. By Scott Rothschild.
Statehouse Live: KU chancellor questioned by legislators about tuition increases, research
February 7, 2013
Legislators on Thursday expressed concerns to Kansas University Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little over tuition increases, falling enrollment and the ability of KU to make money off of research. By Scott Rothschild
Democrats decry Brownback tax plan; Republican leader says it may get altered
February 1, 2013
Kansas Democratic leaders on Friday warned that Gov. Sam Brownback’s proposed second round of major income tax cuts would put state finances in a crisis situation for years to come. But Republicans downplayed the deficit projection, although they also indicated Brownback’s proposal would be altered. By Scott Rothschild.
Budget is inadequate, disability advocates say
January 28, 2013
Currently, about 5,000 people with developmental disabilities are on a waiting list for services that can be received at home or in the community. By Scott Rothschild.
Regents applaud Brownback’s flat budget for higher education
January 17, 2013
Gov. Sam Brownback’s flat-funding budget proposal for higher education is a far cry from what the Kansas Board of Regents wanted. By Scott Rothschild.
Brownback plans to transfer highway funds to schools, merge Kansas Turnpike Authority raise questions
January 17, 2013
Members of the Senate Transportation Committee on Thursday voiced concerns over Gov. Sam Brownback’s proposals to pay for education with highway funds and merge the Kansas Turnpike Authority with the state transportation agency. By Scott Rothschid.