School Finance

Kansas school efficiency panel reaches few agreements for new legislation
December 15, 2014
A task force set up by the Legislature to study ways schools can be more efficient agreed on only one bill to recommend to the Legislature next year. That would set up a process to define the new standards laid out by the Kansas Supreme Court to determine whether the state is adequately funding public schools. But the group was sharply divided on other proposals such as encouraging districts to consolidate administrative services, forcing them to spend down cash reserves, and limiting the scope of collective bargaining. By Peter Hancock
School district fund balances to be targeted, education group says
December 10, 2014
A group that lobbies on behalf of Kansas public school boards told its members Wednesday that legislation will likely be introduced in the Legislature next year aimed at limiting their ability to maintain cash carry-over balances in many of their funds. By Peter Hancock
School funding suit complicates Kansas budget fix
November 23, 2014
Even before state courts decide whether Kansas spends enough money on its public schools, a lawsuit over education funding is complicating efforts by legislators and Gov. Sam Brownback to close the state’s projected budget shortfalls.
K-12 efficiency panel debates while school finance decision looms
November 15, 2014
A panel set up by the 2014 Legislature plans to finalize recommendations next month on how public schools in Kansas can make more efficient use of their money. Meanwhile, officials are anxiously awaiting a decision by a three-judge panel that could order the state to add hundreds of millions of dollars to the state education budget. By Peter Hancock
Kansas Senate president announces appointments to education panel
June 24, 2014
Senate President Susan Wagle announced her appointments to the K-12 Student Performance and Efficiency Commission on Tuesday, selecting a pair of officials with ties to education and business in the Wichita area.
Judges reviewing new Kansas school funding law
09:58 a.m., June 11, 2014 Updated 03:33 p.m.
An attorney for Kansas school districts that sued the state over funding has told a court panel it shouldn’t dismiss part of the case despite legislative action.
Kansas House Speaker Merrick appoints Kansas Chamber leader O’Neal, KPI president Trabert to school study commission
June 10, 2014
House Speaker Ray Merrick has appointed two vocal critics of the state public school system to a commission that will make recommendations to the Legislature on how to make schools more efficient.
KNEA announces plans to file lawsuit over teacher tenure
11:49 a.m., June 9, 2014 Updated 04:52 p.m.
The state’s largest teachers union Monday said it would file a lawsuit challenging the recent school bill that repeals tenure rights for public school teachers. By Scott Rothschild
Teachers hope to make tenure an issue in governor’s race
April 28, 2014
Kansas teachers who are angered over Gov. Sam Brownback’s repeal of tenure hope they can convince the general public that they have a stake in this fight, too. By Scott Rothschild
Kansas seeks dismissal of equity portion of school finance lawsuit
April 25, 2014
Attorney General Derek Schmidt on Friday filed a motion to dismiss part of the school finance lawsuit, saying that the recently approved funding bill successfully addresses a Kansas Supreme Court ruling that the state had unconstitutionally under-funded poor schools. By Scott Rothschild
Teacher protests follow Brownback
April 23, 2014
Gov. Sam Brownback on Wednesday headed west to discuss some of his accomplishments during the 2014 legislative session and was met with protests by teachers who are upset that he signed into law the repeal of teacher tenure. Also Wednesday, Brownback signed into law a bill that could put Kansas officials in charge of Medicare and other federally funded health programs in the state and a bill that strips cities and counties of the power to regulate firearms and nullifies existing local gun ordinances. By Scott Rothschild