Death penalty

Appeals keep executions a long way off
March 1, 2010
Kansas legislators recently completed an exhaustive review of the death penalty that resulted in a 20-20 vote in the Senate that left capital punishment on the books.
Bill to abolish the death penalty fails in Kansas Senate
08:15 a.m., February 19, 2010 Updated 05:42 p.m.
Since 1994 when capital punishment was re-instated in Kansas, 10 men have been sentenced to die, but no executions have occurred.
Senate majority leader still hasn’t scheduled debate on repeal of death penalty
February 16, 2010
A bill repealing Kansas’ death penalty law remains stalled in the Senate.
Bill to abolish the death penalty may remain bottled up
03:24 p.m., February 12, 2010 Updated 03:24 p.m.
Senate Majority Leader Derek Schmidt, R-Independence, says he doesn’t know when or if the bill, which was approved last month by the Senate Judiciary Committee, will be considered.
Opponents of state’s death penalty law mobilizing
February 1, 2010
As the Kansas Legislature gears up for a debate about ending the death penalty in the state, advocates from the Kansas Coalition Against the Death Penalty are speaking out locally.
Kansas Senate panel endorses measure to repeal state death penalty
10:51 a.m., January 29, 2010 Updated 02:21 p.m.
A Senate panel endorsed a bill Friday to repeal the Kansas death penalty, saying it’s a debate that legislators must conduct.
Kansas Legislature poised to take up death penalty repeal
January 29, 2010
Legislation to repeal the Kansas death penalty law was awaiting possible action by a Senate committee Friday.
Statehouse Live: Death penalty repeal hearing starts
10:03 a.m., January 19, 2010 Updated 10:27 a.m.
Three-day meeting to look at proposals to get rid of capital punishment
Legislative panel to review death penalty
January 19, 2010
Legislators are planning to give the Kansas death penalty statute a deeper look this week, focusing on growing concerns about the financial burden for capital punishment litigation.
Panel to review Kansas’ death penalty law
January 18, 2010
Legislators have scheduled hearings this week to review the cost and effectiveness of Kansas’ death penalty law.
Lawmakers will take up review of death penalty in Kansas
January 11, 2010
A proposal to repeal Kansas’ death penalty law will be reviewed by a Senate committee next week.
Death penalty, texting while driving among key issues this session
January 10, 2010
While the main business of the Legislature will be writing a budget for the next fiscal year, there are still many other issues that will be debated.
Lawmakers plan to discuss death penalty
November 5, 2009
A proposal to abolish the Kansas death penalty will be considered by lawmakers during the second week of the 2010 legislative session, a legislator said Wednesday.
Statehouse Live: Death penalty repeal set for debate next session; Parkinson moves away from tax increase; State GOP comments on elections
08:41 a.m., November 4, 2009 Updated 05:38 p.m.
Key lawmaker says abolition of death penalty will be considered; Governor says he hopes to avoid tax increases; Kansas Republicans tout wins in Virginia and New Jersey
Parkinson willing to reconsider death penalty
02:36 p.m., May 11, 2009 Updated 12:41 a.m.
Gov. Mark Parkinson said Monday that he’s willing to take a fresh look at the death penalty law he helped write 15 years ago as a legislator. The governor’s comments to reporters came after Senate leaders said the Legislature probably will debate the death penalty law during its 2010 session. Efforts to repeal the law failed in the Senate this year because of concerns that the legislation was flawed.