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Kansas court affirms verdict in abortion shooting
12:03 p.m., October 24, 2014 Updated 01:15 p.m.
Kansas’ highest court Friday agreed with the first-degree murder conviction of the man who admitted shooting abortion provider Dr. George Tiller to death, rejecting his argument that he should have been allowed to present a defense that his actions were necessary to stop a greater wrong.
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Judge nixes opposite-sex couple’s bid to intervene in Kansas gay marriage lawsuit
October 24, 2014
A federal judge has spurned an effort by a heterosexual couple to intervene in a lawsuit challenging the Kansas ban on gay marriage.
Davis loses ground to Brownback in Kansas governor’s race
12:06 p.m., October 24, 2014 Updated 01:46 p.m.
After lifting the spirits of Kansas Democrats eager to oust conservative Republican Gov. Sam Brownback over his aggressive tax-cutting experiment, challenger Paul Davis appears to be losing ground as the state’s GOP loyalties and a hail of negative television ads take their toll.
Brownback, Davis spar over judges and public safety, but not EPA
October 23, 2014
Republican Gov. Sam Brownback and Democratic challenger Paul Davis sparred Thursday over public safety and the retention of Supreme Court justices. But they found rare common ground in opposing proposed new Environmental Protection Agency rules that would expand the scope of clean water regulations over rivers and streams. By Peter Hancock
Former Arkansas official describes state’s success with health care law
October 23, 2014
A former director of Arkansas’ Medicaid program said that state found a way to expand access to health insurance and improve the private health insurance marketplace through the Affordable Care Act. Andy Allison, who is also a former Kansas Medicaid director, was one of the keynote speakers at the annual Economic Policy Conference at Kansas University. But Kansas officials said it’s unlikely that program will be replicated here any time soon. By Peter Hancock
Governor backs Kansas high court justices’ ouster
October 23, 2014
Republican Gov. Sam Brownback is endorsing an effort to persuade Kansas voters to remove two justices from the state Supreme Court.
Troopers’ PAC backs Democrat for Kansas governor
October 23, 2014
A political action committee representing Kansas Highway Patrol troopers has endorsed Democratic challenger Paul Davis in the Kansas governor’s race.
Brownback, Davis want EPA to withdraw proposed water rule
09:17 a.m., October 23, 2014 Updated 02:56 p.m.
Democrat Paul Davis pushed back against Republican claims Thursday that he wouldn’t contest any Washington policies, saying he would vigorously fight a new federal rule that asserts authority over many of the nation’s streams and wetlands if he’s elected Kansas governor.
Kansas, two other states deny gay marriage despite appellate rulings
09:13 a.m., October 23, 2014 Updated 01:31 p.m.
Three states are continuing their legal fight against same-sex marriage, despite rulings from federal appeals courts that oversee those states that concluded gay and lesbian couples have the right to marry.
Orman delivers ‘closing argument’ as campaign enters final stretch
October 22, 2014
Independent U.S. Senate candidate Greg Orman gave a stinging rebuke to both major political parties Wednesday in a speech that was billed as his “closing argument” in the 2014 campaign. But incumbent Republican Sen. Pat Roberts continued to lash out at him as a liberal Democrat who is not really independent. By Peter Hancock
Kansas Supreme Court hit by election year politics
October 22, 2014
Kansas GOP chairman Kelly Arnold is encouraging voters not to retain two Supreme Court justices who helped overturn the death sentences of Jonathan and Reginald Carr. His comments come as Gov. Sam Brownback’s campaign launched a new TV ad criticizing the court for its decision. By Peter Hancock
Senate candidates in Kansas seek to bolster support
October 22, 2014
A high-profile endorsement in hand in the unlikeliest of battleground states, veteran Republican Sen. Pat Roberts is seeking to bolster support in Kansas’ rural west, where he needs to win big to fend off independent challenger Greg Orman.
Ex-DA slams Brownback ad using Wichita murders
01:48 p.m., October 22, 2014 Updated 04:23 p.m.
The former district attorney who prosecuted two Wichita brothers for several murders during a 2000 crime spree criticized Gov. Sam Brownback Wednesday for trying to exploit the case in a new campaign ad.
Wichita senators seek to eliminate food sales tax
10:17 a.m., October 22, 2014 Updated 01:58 p.m.
Two state senators from Wichita say they want to introduce a plan in the Legislature to eliminate sales tax on food purchased for preparation at home.


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