Governor Sam Brownback

Video: Gov. Brownback discusses arts

Gov. Sam Brownback discusses the future of the arts in Kansas. Watch »

Video: Gov. Brownback discusses higher education

Gov. Sam Brownback would like to raise the rankings of the KU Medical Center and says the state needs to produce more engineers. Watch »

Video: Gov. Brownback discusses GOP candidates

Kansas governor Sam Brownback disclosed who he considers to be the leading candidate for the Republican party in the 2012 presidential race. Watch »

Video: Gov. Brownback discusses education funding issues

Gov. Sam Brownback on Tuesday spoke to reporters and editors at the Lawrence Journal-World. Brownback said growing the economy was his primary goal as he prepares for the 2012 legislative session that starts next month. Watch »

Video: Gov. Brownback discusses taxes and education

Gov. Sam Brownback said he would like to lower individual income taxes and most likely would not touch corporate taxes. Watch »

State of the State reactions
Brownback proposes cuts and economic initiatives Sloan reaction to Brownback speech Ballard reaction to Brownback speech

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback gives his first State of the State address. State Rep. Barbara Ballard and State Rep. Tom Sloan react to the speech.

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Governor Sam Brownback's inauguration day
Sam Brownback sworn in as Kansas governor Sam Brownback's first Cabinet meeting

Governor Sam Brownback was inaugurated on Monday, Jan. 10, 2010 in the Kansas House chamber. After his inauguration, he held his first cabinet meeting.

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Praeger, health care groups urge Brownback to veto bill allowing state to take over Medicare
April 15, 2014
Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger and senior citizen and health care groups on Tuesday urged Gov. Sam Brownback to veto a bill that they said could jeopardize health care to hundreds of thousands of Kansans under Medicare. By Scott Rothschild
Brownback signs law giving employers flexibility on employee hours
April 14, 2014
Gov. Sam Brownback has signed into law a measure that continues a program that allows employers to reduce employees’ work hours to avoid layoffs, and then those employees could receive partial unemployment benefits. By Scott Rothschild
Brownback praises Kansas House school funding plan
April 4, 2014
Gov. Sam Brownback says a school funding bill before the Kansas House is a good plan for meeting a state Supreme Court mandate to boost aid to poor school districts.
Brownback signs into law two bills requested by higher education officials
March 31, 2014
Gov. Sam Brownback on Monday signed into law two bills sought by universities.
Economic report shows Kansas lagging in numerous categories of growth
01:10 p.m., March 31, 2014 Updated 05:43 p.m.
A report by Gov. Sam Brownback’s Council of Economic Advisors shows that Kansas is lagging the region and nation in numerous economic categories. By Scott Rothschild
Capitol Briefing: Brownback declines to announce position on lesser prairie chicken bill; legislator’s claim prompts groans
March 31, 2014
Brownback declines to state position on lesser prairie chicken bill; Legislators elicits groans on claim of electric rate increases By Scott Rothschild
Brownback says state will sue feds over threatened’ listing of lesser prairie chicken
03:01 p.m., March 28, 2014 Updated 03:55 p.m.
Gov. Sam Brownback on Friday announced that Kansas will sue to try to stop the federal government from listing the lesser prairie chicken as a threatened species. “This is an overreach by the federal government and it’s another example of the Obama administration aggressively and unnecessarily intruding into our daily lives,” Brownback said at a news conference. By Scott Rothschild
Full-day kindergarten not all fun and games
Lawrence currently funds at all schools but hopes state will add to budget
March 1, 2014
Isn’t a full day of school exhausting for a bunch of 5-year-olds? You bet, says their likewise exhausted kindergarten teacher Lauren Mitchell. She and her class are winding down a busy seven hours staying engaged and focused on a long list of lessons and activities — none of which, incidentally, is nap time. As the Kansas Legislature considers Gov. Sam Brownback’s proposal to fund full-day kindergarten statewide, Lawrence is in its second year of offering the program at every district elementary school at no extra cost to parents. By Sara Shepherd
Democratic leader says Brownback wants Gray-Little gone; governor’s office says he does not
February 22, 2014
Senate Democratic Leader Anthony Hensley of Topeka said Friday that Gov. Sam Brownback is trying to pressure Kansas University Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little out of her position. Brownback’s office denied the allegation, as did the chairman of the Kansas Board of Regents. “It is the role of the Kansas Board of Regents to evaluate the performance of university leadership. Neither the Governor or anyone on his behalf are working to remove the chancellor,” said Brownback spokeswoman Sara Belfry. By Scott Rothschild
Brownback creates panel to study Kansas seismology
February 17, 2014
Gov. Sam Brownback has asked the director of the Kansas Geological Survey to lead a task force to develop a plan for increased earthquake activity possibly related to Kansas oil and gas activities.
Brownback rides KDOT snowplow along Interstate 70
February 4, 2014
Gov. Sam Brownback is getting a firsthand look at the state’s efforts to clear highways amid the winter storm that has closed schools and state government offices.
Kansas: Feds allowing last part of Medicaid overhaul
January 30, 2014
Kansas officials say they’ll move ahead with the last part of an overhaul of the state’s Medicaid program after receiving permission from the federal government.
Two Lawrence residents reappointed by Brownback to state boards
January 30, 2014
Gov. Sam Brownback has reappointed two Lawrence residents to state boards.
Praeger joins bipartisan group opposed to Brownback’s re-election
January 29, 2014
Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger on Wednesday went public in her opposition to the re-election of fellow Republican Gov. Sam Brownback. By Scott Rothschild
Likely opponents Brownback, Davis speak on school funding
January 16, 2014
Gov. Sam Brownback on Thursday blamed his predecessors for school budget cuts, but his likely Democratic opponent, House Minority Leader Paul Davis of Lawrence, said Brownback’s massive tax cuts have eliminated the state’s ability to adequately finance schools. By Scott Rothschild