Governor Sam Brownback

Video: Gov. Brownback discusses arts

Gov. Sam Brownback discusses the future of the arts in Kansas. Watch »

Video: Gov. Brownback discusses higher education

Gov. Sam Brownback would like to raise the rankings of the KU Medical Center and says the state needs to produce more engineers. Watch »

Video: Gov. Brownback discusses GOP candidates

Kansas governor Sam Brownback disclosed who he considers to be the leading candidate for the Republican party in the 2012 presidential race. Watch »

Video: Gov. Brownback discusses education funding issues

Gov. Sam Brownback on Tuesday spoke to reporters and editors at the Lawrence Journal-World. Brownback said growing the economy was his primary goal as he prepares for the 2012 legislative session that starts next month. Watch »

Video: Gov. Brownback discusses taxes and education

Gov. Sam Brownback said he would like to lower individual income taxes and most likely would not touch corporate taxes. Watch »

State of the State reactions
Brownback proposes cuts and economic initiatives Sloan reaction to Brownback speech Ballard reaction to Brownback speech

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback gives his first State of the State address. State Rep. Barbara Ballard and State Rep. Tom Sloan react to the speech.

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Governor Sam Brownback's inauguration day
Sam Brownback sworn in as Kansas governor Sam Brownback's first Cabinet meeting

Governor Sam Brownback was inaugurated on Monday, Jan. 10, 2010 in the Kansas House chamber. After his inauguration, he held his first cabinet meeting.

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Brownback to name three to the regents
July 31, 2014
Gov. Sam Brownback is expected on Friday to name three people to the Kansas Board of Regents. Appointments to the board, which oversees higher education in Kansas, are seen as among the most important made by the governor. In his first appointments to the regents in 2011, Brownback picked Fred Logan Jr., Robba Moran and Kenny Wilk.
Kansas to pursue prairie chicken breeding program
July 11, 2014
Kansas will develop a program for breeding lesser prairie chickens in hopes of getting the federal government to back off its listing of the bird as a threatened species, Gov. Sam Brownback announced Thursday.
Senate must confirm new KanCare inspector
09:06 a.m., June 6, 2014 Updated 03:25 p.m.
The state’s new inspector general for its privatized Medicaid program can’t conduct oversight work until he is confirmed by the Kansas Senate, which isn’t in session.
Higher education officials say they are getting worried about state budget situation
June 5, 2014
Higher education officials are getting worried about the state’s revenue plunge in April and May. State revenue in April dropped $93 million under projections, and May was worse — a $217 million fall. By Scott Rothschild
Kansas pushes back on threatened bird
June 3, 2014
Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback announced Tuesday that he is pushing the federal government to assume some costs for protecting the lesser prairie chicken by expanding incentives for farmers to enroll their land in a longstanding conservation program.
Kansas governor plans action on prairie chickens
June 3, 2014
Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback is preparing to announce new responses to the federal government’s listing of the lesser prairie chicken as a threatened species.
KanCare inspector’s background scrutinized
June 2, 2014
A former lawmaker appointed to identify fraud in Kansas’ privatized Medicaid system has a background that includes a business bankruptcy and a DUI conviction.
Kansas taxes fell $217M short in May
02:44 p.m., May 30, 2014 Updated 04:40 p.m.
Kansas state tax collections took another nosedive in May, which prompted renewed debate over Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax policies. The state collected $217 million less in taxes than earlier estimated, according to figures released Friday. That follows April when the state fell $92 million below projections.
Davis files to run against Brownback
01:21 p.m., May 29, 2014 Updated 01:46 p.m.
Democrat Paul Davis on Thursday filed to run for governor along with his lieutenant governor running mate Jill Docking. Davis, the House minority leader from Lawrence, and Docking, a Wichita businesswoman, make up the presumed Democratic ticket to challenge Republican Gov. Sam Brownback and Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer in the November election.
Brownback unveils mental health initiative
May 27, 2014
Gov. Sam Brownback on Tuesday unveiled a $9.5 million plan that he said would increase mental health services in Kansas. By Scott Rothschild
Brownback signs Kansas budget bill
May 16, 2014
Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback on Friday vetoed a $5 million transfer from the state’s share of a national tobacco settlement that legislators sought to divert to the Kansas Bioscience Authority.
Moody’s says more state budget cuts may be needed to ‘achieve structural balance long-term’
May 13, 2014
Moody’s Investor Services, which downgraded Kansas bonds last month, has issued a more detailed report that says because of tax cuts signed into law by Gov. Sam Brownback, Kansas will need to make more spending cuts.
Federal agency mum on Kansas prairie chicken law
May 13, 2014
The federal agency that listed the lesser prairie chicken as threatened isn’t responding publicly to a new Kansas law declaring that only the state can regulate the grouse within its borders.
Former House speaker, now lobbyist says KanCare bidding process followed the law
May 9, 2014
Two years ago, lobbyist Doug Mays had a front row seat to the bidding process for contracts under KanCare, which was Gov. Sam Brownback’s overhaul of the $3 billion Medicaid program. Mays, a former legislator, House speaker, and state securities commissioner, was lobbying for Coventry Health Care, which was one of the private health insurance companies that had bid on the contract. But when awards were announced in June 2012, Coventry wasn’t selected. Even so, Mays, a Republican from Topeka, said on Thursday the bidding process was fair. By Scott Rothschild
KU denies part in reported FBI probe into Brownback’s former aides
May 7, 2014
Kansas University officials said Wednesday that they have not been contacted by the FBI as part of a reported probe into pay-to-play allegations involving Gov. Sam Brownback’s administration. “There has been no contact with the university by anybody involved with the investigation,” said Tim Caboni, KU’s vice chancellor for public affairs. “The FBI has not contacted KU.” By Peter Hancock and Scott Rothschild