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U.S. Senate

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Caroline Kennedy won’t bid for Senate seat
January 22, 2009
Caroline Kennedy says she is dropping out of a bid to win appointment to the U.S. Senate seat once held by her slain uncle, Bobby Kennedy.
Ill. governor names former attorney general to Obama’s Senate seat
02:20 p.m., December 30, 2008 Updated 03:06 p.m.
A defiant Gov. Rod Blagojevich on Tuesday named a black political trailblazer to Barack Obama’s Senate seat, a surprise move that put the governor’s opponents in the uncomfortable position of trying to block his choice from becoming the Senate’s only black member.
Roberts revels in easy victory
November 5, 2008
Republican Sen. Pat Roberts’ image as a Kansas political fixture with a record of bringing home federal funds carried him to a comfortable victory Tuesday night over Democrat challenger Jim Slattery.
Baker forum draws candidates for several state, county seats
October 15, 2008
Baker University students showed their concern about the national economy by the questions they posed to state and local candidates at a forum Tuesday night on campus.
New ballots easier for voters to read
October 6, 2008
The ballot for Douglas County voters will look different in the Nov. 4 general election. But County Clerk Jamie Shew says the changes are not drastic and are necessary to help voters better read and understand the ballot. “People find this far easier to read, clear to read, easier to use,” Shew said. “It doesn’t change. You still mark the ovals.”
Candidate takes aim at tax on groceries
Libertarian seeks repeal of state levy
September 13, 2008
Libertarian state Senate candidate Patrick Wilbur, of Lawrence, said Friday that if elected he would work to eliminate the sales tax on groceries. “If the Legislature really cares about middle class Kansans, it is time to show a tangible effort,” Wilbur said. “Repealing this regressive and unavoidable tax is a good way to start,” he said.
Extra page on ballot could cost thousands
September 1, 2008
The number of races and questions on the general election ballot appears to be a double-edged sword for Douglas County Clerk Jamie Shew and election officials. The presidential, congressional, state and county races, plus three Lawrence sales tax questions, should help boost voter turnout. But it also means lots of words on the ballot.
Senate GOP hurting for campaign money
August 23, 2008
Republican prospects in U.S. Senate races this November grew grimmer Friday, as the head of the party’s campaign arm announced he must reduce its budget because GOP senators are raising too little money.
Challengers keep up in fundraising for races
August 18, 2008
Most challengers to area incumbents in state legislative races are holding their own in fundraising as the Nov. 4 general election nears. Republican Scott Morgan, a Lawrence school board member, received more campaign contributions through July 24 in the state Senate race against incumbent Democrat Marci Francisco, a former Lawrence mayor.
Senate candidate highlights proposal for earmark changes
August 9, 2008
Democratic Senate candidate Jim Slattery is proposing a one-year moratorium on funding earmarks in federal budget legislation.
Slattery wins Senate nod easily
August 6, 2008
Former Rep. Jim Slattery had little trouble winning the Democratic Senate nomination in Tuesday’s primary. But his race this fall against Republican Sen. Pat Roberts is likely to give Slattery fits.