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Palin to tea party rally: Don’t sit down or shut up
March 28, 2010
Sarah Palin told thousands of tea party activists assembled in the dusty Nevada desert Saturday that Sen. Harry Reid will have to explain his votes when he comes back to his hometown to campaign.
Palin gives McCain a campaign boost
March 27, 2010
Sarah Palin lent her star power among fellow conservatives to former running mate John McCain in his tough Senate re-election campaign, telling a rally Friday that McCain pegged President Barack Obama right when he said the Democrat would swell the size of government.
State Sen. Tom Holland, who represents part of Lawrence, to announce candidacy for governor
06:25 p.m., February 16, 2010 Updated 06:58 p.m.
State Sen. Tom Holland, a Democrat representing Lawrence and eastern Douglas County, as well as Jefferson and Leavenworth counties, will announce Wednesday that he intends to run for governor this year.
Palin coming to speak in Wichita in May
February 3, 2010
Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is scheduled to speak at a fundraiser in May in Wichita.
Rally speakers blast Democratic administration
Republicans lead charge for states’ rights, and also take opportunity to bash Democrats
01:53 p.m., January 15, 2010 Updated 02:12 p.m.
Rally to support 10th amendment resolution turns into anti-Democratic Party event
Statehouse Live: Kelly out in 2nd District race
10:03 a.m., December 31, 2009 Updated 10:03 a.m.
Favored Democratic candidate drops from congressional race
Statehouse Live: Various tax proposals discussed for highway plan; Jenkins gets statement from lobbyists; KU seeking bonds for energy efficiency projects
10:36 a.m., November 16, 2009 Updated 02:19 p.m.
Highway advocates pushing for transportation dollars; New York Times reports U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins used lobbyist statement; Regents will consider proposal aimed at utility savings.
Statehouse Live: More school cuts expected; Jenkins to help recruit female GOP candidates
08:36 a.m., November 10, 2009 Updated 03:41 p.m.
Education official says districts will have to use emergency funds to cover shortfall; Report says U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins, R-Topeka, will try to recruit female candidates in 2010 election cycle.
Statehouse Live: Douglas County DUI case going to Kansas Supreme Court
October 22, 2009
Court being asked to decide whether .08 breath result is enough to support conviction
Demofest Live: Parksinson urging Gates to run for governor
11:14 a.m., October 3, 2009 Updated 02:40 p.m.
Kansas Democratic Party holds its annual fall meeting.
Kansas senators say detainees won’t be coming to Fort Leavenworth
12:25 p.m., September 16, 2009 Updated 04:49 p.m.
Kansas’ U.S. senators, who insisted that Guantanamo detainees were unwelcome at Fort Leavenworth, have been told by the Obama administration that the prisoners are likely headed elsewhere.
Rogue bat forces county clerk to briefly close office
August 24, 2009
A bat found its way Monday morning into the Douglas County Courthouse, 1100 Mass., and the commotion forced the county clerk’s office to close briefly until an animal control officer could remove the flying creature.
Hillary Clinton: I’m secretary of state, not my husband
August 11, 2009
Hillary Clinton has a message for the world: It’s not all about Bill.
Palin steps down as governor, vows to fight ‘for what is right’
August 3, 2009
Sarah Palin stepped down Sunday as Alaska governor to write a book and build a right-of-center coalition, but she left her long-term political plans unclear and refused to address speculation she would seek a 2012 presidential bid.
Next time you visit the treasurer’s office, bring your photo ID too
July 8, 2009
It’s a good idea to make sure you have your driver’s license on your annual trip to the treasurer’s office to renew your vehicle registration.