2008 Elections

General Election — November 4, 2008
General Election — Ballot measures
Video: Residents share reflections from historic night

This 2008 election is one that will forever change history books. Democrat Barack Obama became the nation's first black president-elect. 6News reporter Chardae Davis caught up with leaders from Lawrence's black community on Wednesday to get their reactions to the moment that re-wrote history. Watch »

Video: Boyda loses U.S. House seat to Jenkins

Republican Lynn Jenkins unseated Democrat Nancy Boyda in the 2nd District US House race. Watch »

Video: Obama supporters take to Mass. Street

Bells were ringing, flags were waving and car horns were honking in Downtown Lawrence after Barack Obama promised supporters that "change has come." Watch »

Video: Election Tuesday has come and gone

Lines were out the door Tuesday morning, but by the time the polls were closing, only a few last-minute voters were around. Watch »

Video: Poll workers ready for busy day

While county officials have been tested by all the advance voting action, they'll receive plenty of part-time help on Tuesday. Watch »

Voter Education Coalition forum: Douglas County Commission 3rd District
Opening statements South Lawrence Trafficway County budget Industrial sites City/county partnership The environment Retiree population Domestic partnership registry Motivations Rural property rights Economic development Consolidation of service Agricultural land T sales tax Development rules Meeting schedule Closing statements

Republican Jim Flory and Democrat Ken Grotewiel debate the issues prior to the Nov. 4 general election.

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Voter Education Coalition forum: Douglas County Commission 2nd District
Opening statements Urbanization County and city interests Aging population Transportation projects Economic development Non-discrimination Fairgrounds South Lawrence Trafficway Commission structure KU collaboration Budget Industrial sites T sales tax Meeting schedule Business incentives Five-acre exemption Closing statements

Republican David L. Brown and Democrat Nancy Thellman debate the issues prior to the Nov. 4 election

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