General Election — November 7, 2006

Kansas House, 10th District

All precincts reporting / 7,755 total votes / Unofficial results / Precinct breakdown

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Video: Election 2006: Kansas House, 10th District

Overview of the race between incumbent Tom Holland (D) and Roy C. Dunn (R). Watch »

6News video: Officials to discuss coal plants
February 22, 2008
Kansas House and Senate leaders will begin discussions on Monday on new energy legislation that seeks to clear the way for two coal-fired power plants in southwest Kansas.
Humerickhouse wins district by 200 votes
November 9, 2006
Incumbent Kansas House Rep. Joe Humerickhouse, R-Osage City, has pulled out a 200-vote victory against challenger Jim Irey, D-Melvern, in the 59th District.
Humerickhouse seals win in 59th District
Counting went late into the night
November 8, 2006
Election officials in Osage County were still counting absentee ballots at midnight, and Humerickhouse ended up carrying the county by three votes
44th District: Barbara Ballard (D)
November 8, 2006
Barbara Ballard secured her eighth term representing Kansas House District 44 on Tuesday, besting her first challenger in years by a wide margin.
47th District: Lee Tafanelli (R)
November 8, 2006
With pre-election jitters setting in, all Jim Faris could do Tuesday afternoon was finish watching a couple episodes of “The West Wing,” the small-screen political drama.
10th District: Tom Holland (D)
November 8, 2006
Democratic Rep. Tom Holland far outpaced his Republican opponent in Douglas County to win a third term representing the 10th Kansas House District.
38th District: Anthony Brown (R)
November 8, 2006
Republican incumbent Anthony Brown retained his Kansas House District 38 seat Tuesday, defeating Democratic challenger Diane Bryant.
46th District: Paul Davis (D)
November 8, 2006
Kansas House Rep. Paul Davis, a Democrat, took 86 percent of the vote Tuesday, easily winning a third term.
45th District: Tom Sloan (R)
November 8, 2006
In the 45th District Kansas House race, Republican Rep. Tom Sloan won a seventh term by beating his Reform Party rival by a more than 3-to-1 margin.
59th District: Joe Humerickhouse (R) (leading by a slim margin at midnight)
November 8, 2006
With vote totals still incomplete late Tuesday, 59th Kansas House District incumbent Joe Humerickhouse, R-Osage City, led challenger Jim Irey, D-Lyndon, by 250 votes in a tight race.
53rd District: Ann Mah (D)
November 8, 2006
Ann Mah’s poll watchers predicted the outcome long before the votes were tallied Tuesday.
Radio host, incumbent seek 45th seat
October 29, 2006
In the race for the 45th District House seat, Rep. Tom Sloan - an incumbent Republican who has been one of the state’s more aggressive alternative-energy supporters - is battling a first-time candidate who is host of an AM radio program.
Veteran, musician compete for seat in 47th District
October 29, 2006
It’s a race between a legislator seeking his fourth term in the Kansas House and a 22-year-old bluegrass band member who thinks someone else deserves a shot at the seat.
Illegal immigration topic in 53rd District race
October 29, 2006
Two veteran contenders for the 53rd Kansas House District are taking a crack at denying the seat to Democratic incumbent Ann Mah.
Experience debated in 44th seat race
October 29, 2006
Experience versus fresh blood is at the heart of the campaign for the 44th District Kansas House seat.