Jason Allen Rose Case

New arson trial for Rose begins today
April 30, 2007
The new murder and arson trial of Jason Allen Rose will begin this morning in Douglas County District Court as attorneys begin questioning a pool of potential jurors. During Rose’s first trial, Judge Jack Murphy declared a mistrial on Feb. 12 - the start of the trial’s second week.
6News video: Boardwalk Fire Re-trial begins Monday
April 29, 2007
The re-trial begins tomorrow for a Lawrence man accused of setting a deadly apartment fire in October of 2005.
Name of last-minute witness revealed
Lawrence woman was served subpoena in Jason Rose case before judge declared mistrial
February 24, 2007
The identity of the witness whom prosecutors tried to introduce before a mistrial was declared in the Jason Rose murder and arson trial is now known.
Internet lends help to investigators
February 20, 2007
Chatter on Web sites. Comments flung in presumed anonymity through cyberspace. Blogs that blend threads of truth with blankets of opinion and speculation.
Police questions caught on video
February 20, 2007
For years, Lawrence police hesitated to record the images and sounds created in the department’s cramped, stark-white interrogation rooms. The only time they would videotape a suspect was during a major crime investigation - and then video would typically only capture the confession, not the interrogation leading up to it.
Boardwalk Fire Trial declared a mistrial
February 12, 2007
The trial for the man accused of setting a deadly fire at the Boardwalk Apartments comes to an abrupt end this afternoon in Douglas County District Court. Four days into testimony, Judge Jack Murphy declared a mistrial based on new evidence entered by the prosecution.
New witness halts arson, murder case proceedings
February 12, 2007
The murder and arson trial for Jason Rose ended abruptly Monday. District Court Judge Jack Murphy declared a mistrial after prosecutors attempted to introduce a new, previously undisclosed witness more than four days into testimony.
Mistrial declared in Boardwalk Fire case
New witness introduced
February 12, 2007
A mistrial was declared today in the Jason Rose trial, after prosecutors attempted to introduce the testimony of a surprise witness. Defense attorney Ron Evans asked for the mistrial, saying that at this late date - five days into Rose’s trial for arson and murder - there wasn’t enough time to review and prepare for the unexpected evidence.
Rose Trial: Jurors watch tape of second interview
Detective says he couldn’t figure out Rose’s shifting stories
10:22 a.m., February 12, 2007 Updated 11:55 a.m.
On the witness stand today, Police Sgt. Troy Squire told jurors that he had some unanswered questions leading up to the nearly seven-hour interview.
Defense to make its case this week in trial
February 12, 2007
Victims have told of broken bones and burned skin. Police have told tales of rescue - dragging bleeding, broken victims onto an extension ladder to get them away from encroaching flames.
Second week begins tomorrow in Boardwalk Fire Trial
February 11, 2007
Testimony resumes tomorrow morning in Douglas County District Court in the case of Jason Rose, who faces several charges in connection with the October 2005 fire.
Rose takes the stand in Boardwalk Fire Trial Day 3
February 9, 2007
Jurors got their first chance to hear from the man accused of starting the Boardwalk Apartment Fire, as trial continued today in Douglas County District Court.
Jury hears Rose admit setting fire at apartment
February 9, 2007
Jason Rose’s confession came in brief blurts of words broken by blocks of silence. “I lit paper on fire, and thought it was out,” Rose told investigators during a videotaped interview. Minutes passed without Rose saying a word. Investigators pressed on.
Jurors watch taped police interrogation of Rose
10:22 a.m., February 9, 2007 Updated 02:50 p.m.
Rose wasn’t immediately a suspect until SRS metioned he had a history with fire, detective testifies.
Witness says she saw Rose screaming before fire
February 9, 2007
Maritza Lamberto testified Thursday that she watched Jason Rose as he stood on the second-story walkway at Boardwalk Apartments about an hour before a fire that killed three tenants. She said he yelled an obscene two-word phrase twice - the only two words in English that she knew.