Jason Allen Rose Case

Boardwalk suspect takes stand in own defense
Did you start this fire?’ ‘No, I did not.’
11:06 a.m., May 7, 2007 Updated 03:26 p.m.
“He said that once he moves out into his own place, he’s going to set it on fire,” witness Emily Robinson said, describing a statement she says she heard defendant Jason Rose make during a church youth-group meeting a few months before the October 2005 fire at Lawrence’s Boardwalk Apartments. “He said it would be the biggest, most beautiful fire he had seen.”
Jury sees suspect confess, deny fire
May 5, 2007
Jurors on Friday watched a videotape of a defendant admitting he burned a box full of cards and photographs that sparked the deadly fire at Lawrence’s Boardwalk Apartments. “I have a problem with fire. : I just wanted to see something burn,” Jason A. Rose tells detectives in the video.
6News video: Jurors continue to hear testimony in Boardwalk Apt. Trial - Day 4
May 4, 2007
One week of testimony wrapped up today in the trial of Jason Rose, who is accused of setting the deadly Boardwalk Apartment Fire back in 2005.
Rose changes stories in video
Defendant denies, then admits, starting fire outside apartment
May 4, 2007
The detectives keep saying they want one thing: the truth. But as their hourslong interview with the man accused of setting a deadly fire at Lawrence’s Boardwalk Apartments proceeds, his version of what happened that night keeps changing. He admits setting fire to a piece of paper outside the building, but he abandons that story. The detectives keep pressing.
6News video: Jurors watch video-taped interrogation in day 3 of Jason Rose trial
May 3, 2007
Hours of questions, followed by hours of denials in day three of the trial for the man accused of setting the deadly Boardwalk Apartment Fire. All day jurors viewed the video-taped police interrogation of Jason Rose.
Jurors view Rose interrogation video as arson trial continues
Rose then asks what would happen if investigators found out “it was not me.”
10:49 a.m., May 3, 2007 Updated 04:53 p.m.
They ask questions. He makes denials. They ask more questions. Occasionally, he changes his story slightly. That’s the basic dynamic jurors are watching unfold by video this morning on the third day of trial for a man charged with setting the deadly 2005 fire at Lawrence’s Boardwalk Apartments. The video shows defendant Jason Rose being interviewed by Lawrence Police Det. Troy Squire and agent Christy Weidner of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
Detective describes interview as ‘calm’
Witness disputes claim that suspect’s confession was forced
May 3, 2007
Jurors in the Jason Rose murder trial are expected today to watch the disputed confession of the 21-year-old arson suspect in the 2005 Boardwalk Apartments fire. Rose’s videotaped confession is among the crucial elements of the trial.
6News video: Victims’ testimony continues in Boardwalk Apt. Fire Trial
May 2, 2007
More victims re-live their harrowing escape from a burning building as the trial continues for the man accused of setting the deadly Boardwalk Apartment Fire in 2005.
Brothers tell of jumping from the flames; other witnesses describe fleeing fire
Jason Rose trial in second day of testimony
11:13 a.m., May 2, 2007 Updated 03:09 p.m.
Two brothers — Victor and Joel Lamberto — took the stand this morning — testifying through a translator that they were forced to jump from their third floor window to escape the flames.
Witness describes ‘angriest’ fire
Early testimony in Rose murder trial sets scene at 2005 blaze
May 2, 2007
In video footage and during witnesses’ testimony, a blocklong deadly inferno that killed three people in October 2005 came roaring back to life Tuesday in Douglas County District Court.
6News video: New jury in Boardwalk Apt. Fire Trial hear grisly details of the tragedy
May 1, 2007
Tales of pain, suffering, and heroism take center stage as the re-trial for the man accused of setting the deadly Boardwalk Apartment fire gets underway.
Trial to hinge on defendant’s confession
Attorneys give opening arguments in deadly Boardwalk Apartment fire
May 1, 2007
A disputed confession is at the heart of the trial that began this morning for a man charged with setting a deadly fire in October 2005 at a Lawrence apartment complex.
Jury seated in Boardwalk fire retrial
May 1, 2007
On the advice of his attorney, Jason A. Rose rarely lifts his eyes to look directly at the people who will be deciding whether he’s guilty of murder and arson. “A lot of times he has to do what he’s doing now - just look down,” his attorney, Ron Evans, said Monday during jury selection. “He really can’t win a body language game with you folks. Anything he does you could take the wrong way.”
6News video: Jury selection begins today in Boardwalk Apartment re-trial
April 30, 2007
Twenty-one-year-old Jason Rose is charged with aggravated arson, three counts of murder, and seven counts of aggravated battery. He’s accused of setting a fire at the Boardwalk Apartment Complex that killed three people.
Jury selection starts in second Boardwalk arson trial
Jason Rose charged with fire that killed three people.
April 30, 2007
With defendant Jason A. Rose looking on, attorneys are questioning a group of 42 prospective jurors about how much they know of the case, whether they know anyone involved, and whether they can remain impartial.