Jason Allen Rose Case

Group at KU agrees to review case of Lawrence man convicted in deadly fire at Boardwalk Apartments
September 6, 2011
The Project for Innocence and Post-Conviction Remedies at the Kansas University School of Law plans to review the case against the Lawrence man convicted of the deadly Boardwalk Apartment fire.
Years after Jason Rose’s conviction, Boardwalk arson report still not public; DA says case not closed
02:38 p.m., January 5, 2011 Updated 04:12 p.m.
More than five years after the Boardwalk Apartments fire, key evidence used in the criminal case against Jason Rose has still not been released to the public.
Memories of man at center of Boardwalk blaze vary
October 7, 2010
In annual crime statistics compiled by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, he’s categorized as a triple murderer. To those who knew him, he’s a kind — but intellectually challenged — young man railroaded by the criminal justice system. In the Lawrence community, he’s the arsonist responsible for one of the worst local tragedies in recent memory. And for one of the victims of the Boardwalk Apartment fire, Jason Allen Rose is a hero.
In wake of settlement, Boardwalk Apartment owners asking tenants to leave quickly
Lawyer offers little information on why tenants asked to leave
May 19, 2009
The owners of Boardwalk Apartments are asking all tenants to quickly leave their apartment complex, so they can do “something different” with it, an attorney said Tuesday.
$12 million settlement reached in lawsuit over deadly 2005 Boardwalk Apartment fire
May 18, 2009
The owners of the Boardwalk Apartments are urging tenants to abandon their apartments for safety reasons, just days after agreeing to a $12 million settlement with victims of a deadly 2005 fire at the complex.
Another lawsuit filed in Boardwalk Apartments fire
October 9, 2007
The lawsuit, against the Boardwalk Apartments and Terrace Management Services, claims the property was a “fire trap.”
6News video: Mother of fire victim files charges against Boardwalk Apartments
October 2, 2007
Two years after fire swept through the Boardwalk Apartments killing three people, the mother of one of the victims says the apartment complex is also to blame.
Lawsuit filed in deadly blaze
Victim’s mother sues Boardwalk Apartments
October 2, 2007
Arson killed her daughter two years ago, but now the mother of a Kansas University student who died in the Boardwalk Apartments fire says the complex is also to blame. Nancy Bingham, Nicole Bingham’s mother, has filed a lawsuit against the Boardwalk Apartments in Douglas County District Court.
Mother files suit against Boardwalk Apartments over deadly fire
October 2, 2007
Nancy Bingham is suing Boardwalk Apartments, the management company, the fire equipment safety contractors and several unnamed construction companies that performed renovations on the apartments leading up to the Oct. 7, 2005 fire. Her daughter, Nicole Bingham, was one of three people killed in the blaze.
Other questions
June 26, 2007
To the editor: The Journal-World quite correctly defended the Lawrence firefighters’ performance in the Boardwalk Apartments fire. The June 25 editorial ended by stating: “The crux of the matter is that a young man started a fire that had devastating effects. From the look of things, the onus should be on the perpetrator.”
6News video: Boardwalk fire victims receive largest compensation
June 24, 2007
It was one of the worst fires in Lawrence history - now the Boardwalk fire has set a record for the most money the state has compensated victims for a single crime.
Fire chief defends response time
June 19, 2007
In the middle of sentencing Jason Allen Rose to prison Monday, District Judge Jack Murphy pointed a finger at the fire department, raising questions about its response to one of the worst fires in Lawrence history.
Rose gets 10-year sentence
Victims, their relatives question if punishment is adequate
June 19, 2007
Knowing that her brother lived his life with no regrets gives Maria Gonzalez and her family comfort when she thinks of the apartment fire that took his life. It is that same thought that she hopes will ease her pain in the days following the sentencing of the man convicted of setting Boardwalk Apartments on fire in October 2005.
6News video: Jason Rose sentenced for Boardwalk Fire
June 18, 2007
He was convicted of killing three people by setting one of the worst fires in the city’s history - yet Jason Rose could be out of prison as soon as seven years from now.
Rose sentenced to 122 months for Boardwalk Fire
11:25 a.m., June 18, 2007 Updated 01:31 p.m.
Jason Allen Rose was sentenced Monday to 122 months in prison, the maximum sentence he could have received for setting the Boardwalk Apartments fire in 2005.