Behind the Lens: Things photographers don’t want to hear
February 5, 2012
Recently I came across a photography blog about what newspaper photographers don’t like to hear said to them when working.
Behind the Lens: Finding a perfect feature photo
January 29, 2012
Our photography staff is often relied upon to gather stand-alone images for the newspaper.
Behind the Lens: Effective lighting kits don’t have to be expensive
January 22, 2012
In last week’s column I mentioned using household table lights as a possible source of illumination to re-photograph prints or other hard-copy documents. It is a make-do solution only and not one I recommend if you plan on doing a lot of tabletop photography or have a growing interest in photographing other subjects requiring artificial lighting.
Behind the Lens: Preserve old slides by digitization
January 8, 2012
Mike talks about the process of digitizing old photo slides and offers some first and third party options for getting your slides from the shoebox into the computer.
Behind the Lens: a look back and a look ahead
January 1, 2012
As I look forward to new adventures and photographs in 2012, here are some observations and notes to sweep out 2011.
Behind The Lens: Use sharp contrast when shooting snow
December 25, 2011
When shooting objects against snow or trying to capture the powdery stuff itself, stark backgrounds and drastic color shifts are your best friend.
Behind the Lens: Capturing the coach
December 18, 2011
In a little more than a 36-hour period, on three separate occasions Journal-World photographer Nick Krug and I covered the arrival and introduction of Charlie Weis to Lawrence as Kansas University’s new football coach.
Behind the Lens: Cameras for kids
December 11, 2011
Considering that children are experiencing digital devices at younger and younger ages, it’s not a crazy idea to provide them access to better cameras.
Behind the Lens: Gifts for the photographer in your family
December 4, 2011
If you’re like Mike’s family, you’re hesitant to buy photography gifts for a seasoned photographer, likely because they already have everything or the process of buying for them is intimidating. This guide should help east the latter.
Behind the Lens: Breaking down which camera is for you
November 27, 2011
Mike Yoder highlights the advantages and disadvantages of different camera types.
Behind the Lens: Know your macro
November 20, 2011
Macro lenses for DSLR cameras come in several sizes and with various fields of view. Here are some tips to get the most out of yours.
Behind the Lens: Getting the most from your 50 mm ‘normal’ lens
November 13, 2011
Shooting on the 50 mm lens is almost a lost art, but the images it creates and its fast shutter speed make it an obvious choice for patient photographers.
Behind the Lens: Wide-angle lens wizardry
October 30, 2011
If you like to be in the middle of the action when it comes to taking photographs, the wide-angle lens is for you.
Behind the Lens: Achieving telephoto nirvana
October 23, 2011
In the first part of a series dedicated to lenses, Mike looks at proper telephoto lens usage.
Behind the Lens: Along came a spider
October 14, 2011
It’s the season for creepy crawlies. Here’s how to shoot them before you squish them.