Behind the Lens: A multimedia balancing act
February 17, 2013
Now that many of us have smartphones, still cameras and video cameras, it can be difficult to choose what tool to use to visually document a person or event. By Mike Yoder
Behind the Lens: A religious experience in Nicaragua
February 3, 2013
In 1994, I went to Nicaragua to visit some friends and was wowed. This December, after years of pestering, I had to go again. And I came back with some incredible photographs. By Richard Gwin
Behind the Lens: Carrying a backup a good idea in case camera breaks
January 20, 2013
Camera equipment failure is unavoidable.
Behind the Lens: Photos worth thousands of words
January 6, 2013
If I would have made a New Year’s resolution, I might have told myself to resist buying photography books.
Behind the lens: Considering cameras
December 15, 2012
Unlike members of Congress, photographers must compromise. All camera models sacrifice a feature or function to emphasize another. In suggesting cameras for you this holiday season, I’ve listed them by the type of photographer rather than the camera type. By Mike Yoder
Behind the lens: Archiving old slides for the present day? Let’s get digital
December 1, 2012
Archiving photographs has transitioned from the days of storing pictures in slide carousels and negative sleeves to transmitting digital bytes to online photo sites, or burning to hard drives and discs. For people under 30, digital is most likely all they have ever known. For baby boomers like myself, you’ve probably experienced photographing with film but now find yourself joining the digital age. The dilemma facing some of us is what to do with our old slides and negatives. By Mike Yoder
Behind the lens: Good photos require luck as much as skill
November 17, 2012
Being a photographer can involve psychology skills. My ability to observe a subject, predict behavior, remain alert to visual clues and anticipate action helps me to be a successful photojournalist. It involves a mix of skills in intuition and past experiences photographing people in numerous environments and situations. By Mike Yoder
Behind the Lens: Finding the right photo can take several swings and misses
November 4, 2012
I invited area photographers to submit images of autumn for a photo gallery this week, and it’s always fun to see what other people choose to photograph, what attracts their eye and how they determine what makes a successful photograph. By Mike Yoder
Behind the Lens: Photographers explain why they choose black and white
October 21, 2012
I invited area photographers to submit some of their favorite black-and-white images for this week’s column and photo gallery. I asked, Why use black and white?
Behind the Lens: Technology makes color choice easier than ever
October 7, 2012
When I started at the Journal-World, our color use was limited to a single lead image on a section front, mainly because of the length of time required to create color separations for the press. I remember laying out photo packages where I could use only one color image and the rest were black and white.
Behind the Lens: What to do when a plan is washed out
September 9, 2012
For this week’s column, I wanted to describe how a photograph came about during a search for a feature image for the newspaper.
Behind the Lens: 2 choices for off-camera flashes
September 2, 2012
If you use a digital, single-lens reflex camera and you want to get your flash off your camera, you have two choices: wired or wireless.
Behind the Lens: Lights can help separate photo subject, background
August 26, 2012
I’ve talked before about visual style and how each Journal-World photographer gravitates toward creating a particular look in the photos we create.
Behind the Lens: DSLRs have more options for shooting in low light
August 18, 2012
When it comes to photographing in low light, people using point-and-shoot cameras are limited on controlling the quality of their light output.
Behind the Lens: Camera flash can be useful even when it’s sunny
August 11, 2012
Elvis has left the building. Then he walks toward me, and I photograph him using a bright flash in the August sunshine.