Behind the Lens: Photography from another dimension
May 4, 2014
Over 140 years before the 3-D movie “Avatar” played in area theaters, 3-D had already reached Lawrence.
Behind the Lens: A picture can be worth more than words
April 20, 2014
Did you know that the difference between apologizing to your spouse and owning a photograph of Fats Domino is $189?
Behind the Lens: Bringing a constructive approach to photos
April 6, 2014
I often tell people about my reliance on visual devices and creative techniques in constructing my photographs. And, yes, for me, creating a photograph is like a construction site.
Behind the Lens: The history of the selfie
March 16, 2014
Last year was the year of the selfie. Oxford Dictionaries even selected it as their word of the year for 2013. It’s so new that my computer tells me I’m spelling it wrong.
Behind the Lens: Basketball games keep photographers (and fans) on their toes
March 2, 2014
Plenty of my photographer colleagues believe that basketball sits at the top of the list among the easiest sports to cover. Often the reasons they cite are that it’s played on a relatively small court and also for the predictability of the action’s direction.
Behind the Lens: When photos require a higher perspective
February 16, 2014
After a long and happy relationship, I recently had to give up my 1996 Toyota RAV. It was a super vehicle and a surprisingly great creative device for my photography.
Behind the Lens: Outside perspective sparks creativity
February 2, 2014
The New Jersey Press Association asked our photo staff to judge its state’s newspaper photography contest for 2013. Ten photo categories, including, sports and portraits, comprising about 1,000 photographs, were reviewed. While looking at the images, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Dorothy’s famous line, “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”
Behind the Lens: Planning for the perfect photo op
January 19, 2014
I was standing in the balcony of the House of Representatives, just above the Speaker’s chair where Gov. Brownback would give his State of the State address, when a nearby photographer mentioned the importance of luck in getting good photographs.
Behind the Lens: Cold-weather photo becomes a hot-ticket item for other newspapers
January 12, 2014
Like the shy, quiet child who surprises you with an over-the-top performance in a school play, some photographs can surprise you with their moment in the spotlight. A recent photograph of mine did just that, going viral within 24 hours.
Behind the Lens: Books for the shutterbug
December 15, 2013
If you’re not that knowledgeable about what photography-related gifts to get your favorite shutterbug, a safe alternative can be books. Here’s a short list of potential stocking-stuffers
Behind the Lens: ‘Jayhawk Decade’
October 4, 2013
Looking through images I’ve made during 359 games has taught me a lesson about being somewhat selective while shooting, but I also learned a little about the importance of meticulous archiving practices.
Behind the Lens: Know your rights as a photographer
September 1, 2013
I’ve been asked recently about photographing people in public places. Should photographers ask permission before taking the photograph?
When deciding on vacation camera gear, less can be more
August 18, 2013
A defenseless feeling creeps over me when I get too far away from my camera gear for too long.
Behind the Lens: Focusing on fast-moving subjects
August 4, 2013
Learning to use auto-focus lock can lead to more control over your point of focus and provide more creative framing techniques.
Behind the Lens: Tips to limit overexposure
July 21, 2013
Simplifying the picture-taking process has led to some common operator errors. Over the next several columns I will address a few of these issues and describe some solutions.