Antiques and Collectibles

Kovel’s Antiques: Seek unique Father’s Day gifts
May 27, 2012
Father’s Day is coming in June, so think ahead and try to find a unique gift for your father. Shop at a flea market or antiques shop.
Kovel’s Antiques: Garden pottery a kitschy collectible
May 20, 2012
Art pottery made by Weller is a favorite among collectors.
Kovel’s Antiques: Once popular, few ‘rustic’ horn chairs made today
May 13, 2012
Furniture has been made from carved and joined pieces of wood for centuries, but in every century there are a few designers who are intrigued by the forms of nature and use them to create furniture.
Kovel’s Antiques: Doorstops hold their value nicely
May 6, 2012
Iron doorstops are among today’s top-selling collectibles.
Kovel’s Antiques: Popular hobby led to unique fishbowls
April 29, 2012
Did you have a bowl filled with pet fish when you were young?
Kovel’s Antiques: Ironing used to be daily chore
April 22, 2012
Permanent-press fabrics have relieved most households of the need to iron clothing.
Kovel’s Antiques: Dual-purpose furniture has secret life
April 15, 2012
Dual-purpose furniture has been made for centuries.
Kovel’s Antiques: Cast-iron ornaments enhance gardens
April 8, 2012
If you don’t already have rabbits hopping around your garden, you might want to buy an antique garden rabbit to fool your friends.
Kovel’s Antiques: Even ‘joke’ items have tremendous value
April 1, 2012
April Fools’ Day is the day for jokes, but so are many other days.
Kovel’s Antiques: Even animals can harness celebrity value
March 25, 2012
History becomes more interesting if you learn about it through objects and stories. It’s the “rest of the story” that adds to the fun.
Kovel’s Antiques: Names can have many interpretations
March 18, 2012
Seeking information about antiques and collectibles sometimes can be difficult because so many terms have more than one meaning.
Kovel’s Antiques: Sundials still have value as timepieces
March 4, 2012
A stick’s shadow, sundials, clocks, watches and wristwatches have all made it easier for a person to tell time.
Kovel’s Antiques: Weller pottery maintains its appeal
February 26, 2012
Weller pottery was first made in 1872 in Fultonham, Ohio, but by 1882 Weller had moved to Zanesville, one of the main cities where pottery was made in Ohio.
Kovel’s Antiques: Pre-photography likenesses not always correct
February 19, 2012
Presidents Day, still officially named George Washington’s Birthday, is celebrated on the third Monday in February. But it has not always been celebrated on that day.
Kovel’s Antiques: ‘Sailor valentines’ not so romantic
February 12, 2012
Valentine’s Day has been celebrated for centuries.