Antiques and Collectibles

Kovel’s Antiques: Joke ceramics a highly collectible oddity
September 9, 2012
Put some fun into your collections and start hunting for old or new figurines, plates and drinking mugs that were meant to be jokes.
Kovel’s Antiques: Many Americans unfamiliar with Chinese inkcakes
September 2, 2012
For the past few years, auctions of Chinese antiques have attracted many bidders and high bids.
Kovel’s Antiques: Before chairs were for everyone, footstools reigned
August 26, 2012
A cricket is an insect, but it also may be a footstool.
Kovel’s Antiques: Ancient iridescent glass being used in modern jewelry
August 19, 2012
Ancient Roman iridescent glass dug up in Israel is now being featured in modern jewelry.
Kovel’s Antiques: Background on Steelcraft toys takes digging to unearth
August 12, 2012
Knowing the name of the maker of any collectible or antique adds value, but sometimes a name creates a mystery.
Kovel’s Antiques: Vintage bronze bells often cheaper than new ones
August 5, 2012
Often when restoring a historic church or school, a large bronze bell is needed for the bell tower.
Kovel’s Antiques: 19th century tobacco jars sported quirky designs
July 29, 2012
Why would a tobacco jar from the 19th century be shaped like a lady in a long, full dress?
Kovel’s Antiques: Once thought garish, Victorian furniture back in favor
July 22, 2012
Collectors prize furniture that is created by a famous maker, but antique furniture is often not identified with a label. Experts can “attribute” a piece to a maker by comparing it to other known furniture that has a label or a history of ownership.
Kovel’s Antiques: American art pottery tiles can be a bargain find
July 15, 2012
Bargain-priced American art pottery vases are hard to find, but art pottery tiles made by important companies still are inexpensive because they have had little publicity.
Kovel’s Antiques: Veggie people popular at turn of 20th century
July 8, 2012
Fresh vegetables were part of the diet of the Victorian household during the warm, growing months. But stored root vegetables and home canned food were used on snowy days.
Kovel’s Antiques: ‘Dummy boards’ a rare find today
July 1, 2012
A “dummy board” is a decoration first used in the 16th century, probably in Holland, then England.
Kovel’s Antiques: Uncle Sam an enduring symbol of America
June 24, 2012
Many figures have been used through the years to represent America.
Kovel’s Antiques: Chinese porcelain can be valuable if properly identified
June 17, 2012
Chinese porcelains of past centuries are selling for very high prices today.
Kovel’s Antiques: Bride, groom wedding-cake toppers newer than you’d think
June 10, 2012
The bride and groom topper on a contemporary wedding cake often is made of plastic or sugar. But the traditions of wedding-cake toppers and even wedding cakes do not go back very far.
Kovel’s Antiques: ‘Fantasy furniture’ a whimsical collectible
June 3, 2012
“Fantasy furniture” is a term used to describe tables and chairs that don’t fit the rules of any recognized style.